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About Us

knittingindustry.com delivers unique news content, comment and features on new products, processes and technologies for the the knitting and hosiery industries.

Knittingindustry.com was created as a response to traditionally printed trade magazines that have been the source for industry news for many years.

The world of information is continually changing and evolving at an ever accelerating pace, and magazines simply can’t keep up. Content is often outdated long before it is read. We’ve found that readers demand the most up to date information in an easily accessible format.

Knittingindustry.com feeds this demand by publishing news and features each and every day, with relevant and rich media (including secure video hosting), providing qualified cutting edge content as and when it happens in a dynamic and convenient format.

That’s why our growing community of readers are switching from the old established trade titles to the new exciting and vibrant future - Knittingindustry.com.

Our reach is truly global

What’s interesting is that our reach is truly global. Knittingindustry.com is well established in Europe, the Americas and Asia with these three regions accounting for 93% of all our traffic with a relatively balanced readership distribution.

Knittingindustry.com reports on the industry’s leading exhibitions and conferences. For those readers to whom research is key, we have the latest knitting and hosiery industries market reports available to purchase.

Knittingindustry.com was created by UK based textile specialists Orange Zero Ltd and has enjoyed phenomenal success and growth since its inception in 2008.

It is now well established and highly regarded internationally, and continues to grow its readership year on year.

Within the last 12 months we’ve seen:

  • 250,000+ visitors from 198 countries
  • A consistently growing monthly readership of 20,000 visitors+
  • An increasing weekly e-newsletter circulation of 8,000 +
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