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2023 Sensitive Fabrics swimwear collection

Italian knitted fabrics designer and producer Eurojersey has launched its latest collection of Sensitive Fabrics for swimwear.

24th September 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan


Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey are preparing to be the big stars of Summer 2023, according to Eurojersey. “Thanks to a collection of visual codes that will be the protagonists of different worlds, from the most sporting to the most glamorous, from ultra-modern design to exotic artisan moods, to combine an iconic style in every situation,” the company says.

“Historical archives bring to light new horizons on contemporary declinations, proposing a free, romantic and sensual feminine image, able to assert one’s body-confidence. The power of flower prints leads back to the discovery of florage as the cornerstone of the most beautiful feminine fabrics and to the vision of a more contemporary and livelier woman. It is easy to travel with your imagination to discover exotic atmospheres by immersing yourself in Sensitive Fabrics rich in luxuriant tropical paradises.”

“Four trends for the summer 2023: Clarity, Freedom, Ancestral, Monsoon which are declined in a contrast of pastel nuances and colourful prints with strong tones,” concludes Eurojersey.

Watch Eurojersey’s 2023 swimwear collection video presentation…

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