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90th Textile Institute World Conference extends deadline for papers

The conference will aim to establish international interdisciplinary cooperation in various fields of science, research and economy.

3rd September 2015

Knitting Industry
 |  Manchester

Knitted Outerwear, Sports/​Activewear, Technical Textiles

The conference that takes place from 25-28 April in Poznan, Poland, will aim to establish international interdisciplinary cooperation in various fields of science, research and economy that are linked by textile technology in its broad meaning.

The theme Textiles: Inseparable from the human environment has resulted from the strong position of textiles in the human ambient environment.  “Textiles are present in all aspects of everyday life,” say organisers.


Abstracts are now invited for both Oral and Poster presentation.  Research and implementations should cover current investigations which look to future trends and visions in all possible textile applications. Titles for proposed papers, with a 200 word abstract, should be submitted no later than 13 September 2015.

Main topics include:

  • Innovation for natural fibres
  • Environmentally friendly polymer materials for textile application
  • Sustainable textile technologies, including recycling
  • Modelling and simulation of textile product
  • Functional textiles, including sport, protective, cosmetic and smart textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Dyeing and finishing technologies
  • Technical Textiles and composites
  • Design, Fashion and Retail
  • Textile factory of the future
  • Education and Training

Development of advanced technologies

In the 21st century rapid progress of science focused on the practical application of research results which led to the development of advanced technologies that enabled to expand the application potential of both fibres themselves and textile products.

The use of new synthesis methods of fibre-producing polymers, use of biotechnology, fibre and textile modification methods in its broad meaning, of nanotechnology, textronic technologies have allowed for using fibres and textiles in virtually all aspects of human life, not only those traditionally linked with fibres but also in new areas.

Textile materials and techniques are applied in medical products such as wound dressing, hygienic goods but also in state-of-the-art precise prosthetics made of biomaterials, with products being successfully implanted into human organisms. This variety of applications, achieved by implementing results of scientific work and development of advanced technologies, makes fibres and textiles an inseparable element of human existence and it is impossible to imagine life without them.

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