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14th November 2008, Hamm

Advansa to showcase innovations at Performance Days

Polyester manufacturer Advansa is to present its latest innovations at Performance Days, the first European road show focussing on functional fabrics for sportswear.

Performance Days a platform for innovation is a workshop for fabric producers and designers with participants from Europe, Asia and USA, which travels from Munich to Verona before finally stopping at Stockholm.

Advansa is to use the Performance Days platform to showcase Thermo°Cool, Thermo°Cool  ECO and BIOPHYL yarns. According to Advansa, Thermo°Cool consists of a unique construction of fibres that interacts with the wearer to provide dual functionality. The fibre is designed with increased surface area and micro-channels to transport moisture quickly away from the skin to the textile surface.

Additionally, the hollow fibres allow enhanced air circulation and focus energy on the evaporation process to achieve maximum evaporative cooling. In cool weather or after exercise the hollow fibres provide thermo-buffering to protect muscles from post-exercise chill, thus, providing superior moisture management and temperature control.  

Advansa says that its Thermo°Cool fibres are created with new intelligent technology and meet the two trends of growing consumer interest, namely multi-functionality and environmental awareness.  Thermo°Cool  ECO uses a polymer that is made from renewable resources, such as corn, instead of traditional petrochemical derivates. By replacing traditional petrochemicals with renewable resources and biological processes, Advansa says it a step closer to building a renewable economy.

Performance Days is a workshop for textile producers which travels through the capitals of active wear areas to meet designers, product managers and buyers of many European brands. It is a showcase for new fabrics and innovations.

Fitting into the annual time schedules of the fashion and sportswear industry, the dates for Performance Days are early enough in the season when designers, product managers and buyers start working and preparing their new collections.

For more information visit www.performancedays.eu

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