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17th September 2008, Hamilton, New Zealand

AgResearch puts its flame resistant fabric to the test on a person

 For the first time ever, AgResearch has put its revolutionary stab and flame resistant fabric to the test on a person. A blow torch was applied to a vest made from the fabric  worn by a male model  at a demonstration which took place yesterday during a media conference at the Westin Hotel, Auckland.  

The stab and flame resistant vest worn by the model is made from a knitted Vectran based fabric (a non-cut, ultra high strength liquid crystal polymer) and combined with short wool fibre that is packed into the outer fabric surface.

Ag Research

AgResearch Textile Science & Technology Section Manager, Dr Peter Ingham, says the fabric will resist puncture or knife penetration, is lightweight, comfortable to wear and has the dual benefits of the breathability and comfort of wool as well as the puncture resistance of the Vectran component. He says the fabric is suitable for casual vests or jackets.

"Whilst not bullet proof, the fabric is able to resist penetration by a knife and is also cut resistant."



Wool, a natural protein fibre, is flame resistant and when exposed to fire does not ignite but forms a thick layer of char.  This char then forms a protective barrier against further heat.  The Vectran structure holds this char in place giving unparalleled protection against the flame to the wearer.

About Ag Research

AgResearch is an independent, Crown-owned research and development company. Its two shareholders are New Zealand’s Minister of Finance and the Minister of Crown Research Institutes. AgResearch comprises three Science Groups, the Commercial Services group and business units that deal with corporate governance and corporate services. It achieves full commercial potential through the Commercial Services group and a number of other subsidiary and associate companies as well as joint ventures. In 2006/ 2007 AgResearch and its subsidiaries earned (after tax) $5.1 million in revenue and employs over 1000 staff at four campuses. The Corporate Office is based at our Ruakura campus, Hamilton.

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