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17th December 2009

Agteks: New DirectTwist Multi Series


Cone to Cone Multi Function Twisting Machine

Integrates all the advantages of two-for-one, hollow spindle, direct cabling, basic and ring twisting methods.

Vast Amount of possibilities for realizing different twist types with broad yarn kinds and count.

No need for yarn preparation before twisting and no need rewinding after twisting.

Essential for new generation integral garment / knit & wear knitting machines with multi-end use

Ideal for technical textiles manufacturers to make special blend yarns with better strength and physical properties.

Very useful for yarn manufacturers and yarn designers to create new yarn samples.

Technical features:

Easy loading and unloading of bobbin to/from the winder. Ceramic coated winding drum allows twisting of any yarn composition. In line motor driven waxing device.

Purely uniform twist in any combination even with elastane.

Capability of adjusting take-up cone softness.

Possibility of twisting yarns with different thickness.

One touch button selectable for S or Z twist structure.

Adjustable electronically. No need for mechanical change.

Fancy yarn (slub) production capability.

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  • Shahid 15th May 2017 3:13AM

    Good but price unjustied. Not feasible


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