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5th September 2008

Aleks 2000 - Air-permeable sock

Air-permeable sock

Applicant: ALEKS 2000 SRL (IT)


Abstract of RU2327395 Ventilated or air-permeable knitted sock comprises hyperpermeable zones intended for air penetration. The sock comprises a transversal ventilation zone disposed along a root line of toes in the top and bottom parts of the sock, said ventilation zones are formed therein by patterns having a lower knitting stitch density. The sock comprises as well an ankle ventilation zone formed by a transversally disposed section having a lower knitting stitch density, and a ventilation window disposed in the bottom part of foot at a level of the footarch, said ventilation window is formed therein by a plurality of longitudinal stripes having a lower knitting stitch density. increasing air-permeability of the knitted article without reducing its mechanical resistance.

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Air-permeable sock

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