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Apparel and footwear industry welcomes Biden mask mandate

AAFA has been calling for consistent face mask guidance since July 2020.

21st January 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Washington, DC, USA

Knitted Outerwear

American Apparel & Footwear Association President and CEO Steve Lamar welcomed President Joe Biden’s move to strengthen the federal face mask response to mitigate COVID-19. Lamar went further to suggest that Governors and Mayors around the country should follow the President’s lead.

“It has become clear that face masks and coverings play an important role in keeping COVID-19 infections down, which is key to keeping American businesses open, American workers employed, and American consumers protected,” said Lamar.

“The apparel and footwear industry is strongly in favour of this requirement, and encourages the adoption of similar measures in areas outside of the President’s jurisdiction by state and city leaders. More than 400,000 Americans have died because of this pandemic. If simply wearing a mask can slow that down, then there is no debate to be had on the subject. During the next 100-plus days, President Biden’s priority will be the COVID-19 crisis and AAFA will do everything we can to support and propose measures that improve the health and livelihood of all Americans.”

AAFA has been calling for consistent face mask guidance since July 2020, when the association sent a letter to President Donald Trump and the nation’s State and City leaders emphasizing the importance of such measures for American businesses and American workers. The association has also been on the front lines connecting manufacturers and businesses to supply bulk mask orders, and assisted brands as they adjusted supply chains to meet the increased mask demand. AAFA’s members have also donated masks and other needed goods during the pandemic – many of these efforts are highlighted here.

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