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Are companies digitally prepared for working from home?

Technology and team management tools are becoming crucial in order to maintain some level of ‘business as usual’

18th March 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  London

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear, Intimate Apparel, Hosiery/​Socks, Sports/​Activewear, Knitted Accessories, Household, Technical Textiles

Sock factory. © SupplyCompass.

With the UK Prime Minister advising Brits to avoid all non-essential travel and work from home where possible as a result of COVID-19, businesses across the country are quickly having to establish a new norm, says digital supply chain specialist SupplyCompass.

“Technology and team management tools are becoming crucial in order to maintain some level of ‘business as usual’ – but are companies digitally prepared enough in these uncertain times?” the London based outfit says.

Working from home as a result of COVID-19

SupplyCompass Co-founder Flora Davidson comments: “Maintaining ‘business as usual’ is challenging right now as companies of all sizes grapple with employees working remotely. While digital management tools are proving essential, we’re aware that the situation with COVID-19 is forcing many brands to catch up on the digital front.”

“In the fashion industry, brands are not as advanced in using tech as they could be. This is because there are limited tools which specifically cater to the designing and production process. Systems are disjointed and slow, and there is no single version of truth in the design-to-delivery process – something which will only be exacerbated by teams having to work separately from home.”

“What is crucial for brands to stay alive right now is the ability to navigate uncertainty. This is why we created SupplyCompass – as the cloud-based software solution for seamless collaboration across the whole supply chain process. Through the SaaS platform, fashion brands are able to design collections, collaborate across teams, create tech packs in minutes, find world-class manufacturers with leading certifications, get instant costs, receive quality samples first time, manage all production and ultimately have supply chain transparency and traceability – all from one dashboard, wherever they’re working from.”

“It’s likely we’re on the cusp of huge behavioural change in the industry. This presents an opportunity for real change and transformation of the industry – something which can only happen with the right combination of technology and collaboration.”

SupplyCompass is a digital supply chain start-up whose platform aims to empower fashion brands to design and deliver better products. Its cloud-based software aims to transform the fashion industry, by digitising global supply chains and making sustainable sourcing easy for brands and every player in the supply chain.

SupplyCompass says it has handpicked the best manufacturers and suppliers around the world to be part of its network, meaning brands have instant access to over 200 carefully selected partners. The majority of its network is in India, with some strategically placed partners in Portugal, Nepal, China and Spain.

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