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Blockchain-driven sustainable cashmere

Following global success with sustainable Merino wool, and the recently introduced regenerative cotton, Nativa launches newest natural fibre, cashmere.

6th June 2024

Knitting Industry
 |  France

Knitwear, Knitted Accessories

Nativa, a leading supplier of nature-based luxury fibres, continues to expand its collection of luxury fibres by launching Nativa Cashmere, which is said to be the world’s first blockchain-driven sustainable cashmere direct from the farm.

Ethically sourced from Mongolia, Nativa Cashmere is produced by nomadic tribes in small, family-run farms. Debuting blockchain technology, brands using Nativa Cashmere as part of a garment will receive access to a customisable platform that tracks and logs the entire fibre journey, every step of the way, starting from the farm.

“A global first, Nativa is offering the world’s finest sustainable cashmere with traceable blockchain technology. We are starting directly with our farming partners in Mongolia and personally visiting each to improve animal welfare and environmental and social impact. We are extremely excited to now present Nativa Cashmereto our brand partners,” said Maria Estrada, Nativa Global Director.

Nativa Cashmere is certified by strict pillars of animal welfare, land management and corporate social responsibility. Fully adhering to Sustainable Fiber Alliance guidelines, Nativa adds further requirements that go beyond farming, positively impacting the livelihoods of entire farming communities.

Working in collaboration with nomadic farmers in Mongolia, Nativa personally visits each one individually to learn from their methods, personalising its programs to each specific farm and its needs. Nativa’s methods are tailored to adapt to this lifestyle, ensuring families can improve living conditions while protecting historical cultural traditions.

Via scanning a QR code on the Nativa Cashmere garment label, the end consumer can discover the entire journey of the item from farm-to-brand, helping to achieve full transparency along the supply chain.

The initial, limited batch will be sourced from the first 40 Nativa certified herders and will respect the natural growing and harvesting times of the traditional family-run farms and the reduced goat herd sizes.

Current Nativa brand partners include Stella McCartney, Gucci and Pangaia, among many others. Nativa was recently announced by the LVMH Group as a member of its LIFE 360 Business Partners program.

A proud brand of the French 150-year-old Chargeurs Group, Nativa brings nature-focused solutions to brands and supply chain partners, cantered in 100% traceable wool, cotton and cashmere, backed by Blockchain technology.

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