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21st June 2010, Manchester

Brandix CEO speaks at Textile Institute Centenary Conference

Ashroff Omar, BrandixAshroff Omar, chief executive officer of Brandix Lanka Ltd (Brandix), a leading industrialist and a prominent figure in the knit apparel industry is to be a Key Note Speaker at The Textile Institute Centenary Conference in Manchester in November this year.

The Brandix Group is the single largest apparel exporter in Sri Lanka and is positioned as a leading apparel solutions provider to many of the worlds’ super brands. Ashroff’s presentation, ‘Manufacturing on the Global Stage’ will focus on problems currently being addressed in global apparel manufacture.

In his abstract Ashroff says: “For decades, the migratory patterns of the apparel industry in pursuit of cheap labour, dictated by the availability of quota and preferential market access has left the industry heavily fragmented. This drive for cheaper and cheaper product over time has in effect frozen the industry in a time warp. The retailers, in order to control this vastly fragmented supply base, had to participate in many non-value adding activities, while the suppliers driven by cost found little incentive for innovation.”

“Today, heavy consolidation amongst both the retailer and manufacturer appears to be the trend. With globalisation and emergence of global conglomerates, the industry as a whole must focus to deliver true value to the consumer.”

 Ashroff’s presentation will also argue the need for new business models, realignment of interests and collaboration in the value chain, employing breakthrough technologies and innovations, enabling agile manufacturing and mass customisation.

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