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Brugnoli launches new zero-kilometre recycled fabric line

This zero-kilometre Made in Italy product line means the supply chain is monitored and certified throughout.

24th April 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Busto Arsizio

Knitted Outerwear, Sports/​Activewear, Collections

Brugnoli, an established Italian company specialised in the creation of high-end fabrics, is widening its eco-sustainable range with the launch of B.Recycled, a new high-quality, zero-kilometre fabric line based on recycled yarn. The new product will be launched at Performance Days, which takes place in Munich, this week.

In order to guarantee fabrics with exceptional quality and undisputed performances, Brugnoli says it focuses on the excellence of its raw materials and once again relies on its well-established partner, the Italian company Fulgar.

Brugnoli chose Q-Nova by Fulgar, an eco-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from pre-consumer recycling that retains its qualitative features without needing to undergo further regeneration processes that would impact on environment. This also leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and water consumption, the company reports.

Bio-based fabrics

This zero-kilometre Made in Italy product line means the supply chain is monitored and certified throughout, the manufacturer explains. The creation of B.Recycled by Brugnoli starts with a raw materials recycling process carried out entirely in the Fulgar laboratories and mills. Work then continues at the Brugnoli plant, where all the fabrics are created, produced and dyed in the same location.

B.Recycled, a new high-quality, zero-kilometre fabric line. © Brugnoli

B.Recycled by Brugnoli joins Br4, the innovative family of bio-based fabrics developed by Brugnoli. This has now been enhanced by new solutions and variations, including Br4-111, a light stretch jersey, Br4-9, a double-sided fabric designed for leisure-time leggings and cardigans, and Br4-33, a versatile product with clean cut technology.

Eco-sustainable production

In 2015 Brugnoli broke new ground with the launch of its Br4 technology (European Patent Pending by Brugnoli) for the creation of bio-based fabrics. The eco-sustainable production process enables the creation of extremely high-quality fabrics made using Evo by Fulgar, a bio-based yarn obtained from castor bean.

B.Recycled, a new high-quality, zero-kilometre fabric line. © Brugnoli

This is a renewable resource, not intended for food, which does not demand large amounts of water or take up land used for food production, the company explains. Evo by Fulgar is an eco-friendly yarn that aims to provide total comfort and technical performance combined with light weight, stretch, breathability and fast drying, plus naturally thermoregulating and bacteriostatic properties.    

Quality standards

“The choice of fibres and raw materials is the base to create a successful product, and that applies to eco-sustainability, too,” said Roberto Denna, President of Brugnoli. “Developing a bio-based fabric, or one based on recycled yarn, must be in line with our quality standards on the excellent touch, colour-fastness and stretch our products are known for. All these qualities distinguish every Brugnoli fabric, and they are what the market expects from us.”

“We are delighted to contribute to create environmentally-aware, Made in Italy fabrics like those developed by our partner, Brugnoli,” commented Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager at Fulgar. “This represents a guarantee of increasingly sustainable fashion in order to protect our environment and our region.”

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