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Building the supply chain data highway

Smartex Announces 2024 Modern Textile Factory Committee with focus on connecting all tiers of the supply chain.

30th April 2024

Knitting Industry
 |  Porto, Portugal

Knitted Outerwear, Sports/​Activewear

In 2023, Porto based Smartex published the first-ever Modern Textile Factory (MTF) Report, pulling together insights from a group of experienced industry stakeholders ranging from factory owners and operators, material and process innovators, former brand executives, and policy experts.

The Portuguese tech company’s report covered how the four key industry trends of price, speed, quality and compliance were driving a necessary sea change in factory operations - making the modernisation of operations crucial to maintaining competitiveness.

Highlighting five pivotal pillars for factory enhancement, the report underscored the critical importance of resource efficiency, real-time data utilisation, data-driven decision-making, stakeholder integration, and fostering high-quality jobs in safe work environments.

For 2024, Smartex is doubling down on its focus on factory operations by deep diving into the crucial and much needed creation of a robust data highway that connects all tiers of the supply chain. Recognising that data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making, this year's focus aims to understand existing data needs and communication processes and discuss how this can be radically and pragmatically improved across the textile supply chain.

Smartex is introducing its 2024 MTF Committee to discuss this topic:

Factory Perspectives

- Mikael Weinholtz - Executive Director Business Strategy, Seduno Group

- Kapil Kumar - CEO and Founder, Sagar Textile Mills

- Manoj Dimri - CEO, GoodEarth Apparels

- Kevin Xia - General Manager and Owner, Shilead

- Deniz Ata - Director of Business Development, Pameks Giyim

- Arfan Zaman - Assistant General Manager, Mascom Composite Limited

Brand Perspectives

- Louise Claughton - Former Vice President, PVH Corp

- Mark Green - Advisory Board Member, PDS

Innovator and Legislation Perspectives

- Patricia Ahufinger - CEO, Nodes Studio

- Lutz Walter - Managing Director, Textile ETP

- Gilberto Loureiro - CEO and Co-Founder,

The 2024 MTF Committee will meet four times this year to discuss this key topic moderated by Smartex’s Innovation Director, Max Easton. In December, Smartex will release the second edition MTF Report pulling together the key insights from the Committee’s discussions.

As concluded in 2023, if factories want to thrive in a market that demands the same competitive prices as well as increased speed, quality and compliance, they need to accelerate their modernisation now, says Smartex. Many challenges exist - but an inevitable change is afoot, it adds. By the end of this year, the MTF Committee hopes to be able to shed some light on its direction so that the industry can keep building the Modern Textile Factories it needs, the company concludes.

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