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Busi and Kingly on a green mission

Italian sock knitting machine builder and Bulgarian customer join hands to bring good news for the planet and for consumers.

16th July 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Botticino (BS), Italy


Busi Giovanni is upping its green credentials by collaborating with Bulgaria based Kingly to produce socks from upcycled yarns.

“The photovoltaic plant installed at Busi’s premises is able to produce green energy which corresponds to 70% of total consumption in our factory,” comments Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director at Busi. “Then, when it comes to making a choice for a Busi machine, you somehow contribute to safeguard the environment.”

“Furthermore,” Paola Claudia says, “our Bulgarian new customer, Kingly, has rapidly moved towards sustainability, too.”

The two brands have joined together to make sustainable promotional apparel. Kingly has recently produced 34,000 pairs of socks with upcycled yarns on its new Busi Light MP machines. “This resulted in the conservation of 24 million litres of water. By upcycling used yarns, which is a process that does not need huge quantity of water as indeed it happens with the production of new yarns. Simple and green,” Paola Claudia adds.

Busi MP Light machine. © Busi Giovanni

Accordingly, Kingly has been accredited by the sustainability platform BCOME Cradle-To-Grave, in addition to other seven certifications like GOTS.

“For your smart green mission, sustainability is then possible and desirable with all Busi sock-knitting machines. You will be happy, your client will feel fully satisfied, our planet will be saved,” concludes Paola Claudia Baldracchi.

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