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Busi Giovanni restarts production on 4th May

The announcement comes after easing of the COVID-19 lockdown rules in the Brescia area. Busi issued the following statement half an hour ago

30th April 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Botticino Sera (BS)


“Hope you, your family members and staff are all fine, and your business can restart effectively soonest.

Kindly be notified our company is going to reopen its manufacturing site as of 4th May next week.

In order to check, test and arrange for the newest safety protocol in compliance with Italian Government’s decree we’ll restart working under lessened, i.e. being BUSI’s main goal to safeguard all its employees’ health, all operational activities will be forcefully slowed down over such a very first phase.

Over the past months rather all countries have faced and still are facing the sanitary emergency which has brought out lots of victims, infected a huge number of people, and caused global markets to suffer economic crisis because lots of enterprises have stopped their trade activity and manufacturing.

All of us are all together in such a troublesome situation, but we feel sure that if any of us restarts working hard and efficiently, all of us will win both the sanitary emergency and the economic one.

We are hopeful that in a very short period BUSI will start again working as under usual ordinary situation in order to serve all our global customers in the best way.

Busi is here to assist you and work for mutual good business as ever.

Take care and stay safe.

Our best wishes.”

Catina Busi

Managing Director

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