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Busi Twin-Layer machine offers new shoe body application

Busi Twin Layer is a single cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial that enable it to produce technical sport socks with double fabric.

30th March 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Botticino Sera

Hosiery/​Socks, Sports/​Activewear

Italian hosiery knitting machine builder Busi Giovanni has expanded its application capabilities with a new textile sport shoe body, knitted on the company’s patented Twin Layer high production single cylinder sock machine, equipped with Rimaglio automated toe-closing device.

According to the manufacturer, over the last few months a number of world’s major sport shoe manufacturers have been running customised tests on the Twin Layer machine’s capability to produce a complete shoe body, as an alternative to those knitted three dimensionally on flat knitting machines.

Two Fabric Layers

Busi Twin Layer is a high production single cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial that enable it to produce technical sport socks with double fabric. The machine is derived from the model Busi Idea Terry and it has all the same features and knitting possibilities of this model. The machine is provided with a patented device that uses the dial needle for the production of an internal layer and the cylinder needles for the production of the external layer, the company reports.

The two fabrics that form the sock are knitted contemporarily and can be joined as required, they merge into one single fabric at the welt at the heel and at the toe of the sock. This way the two fabrics cannot slide one onto the other.

“It is the only one in the world designed to knit a sock, or a shoe-body, using two layers of textiles, also two different ones, which can be joined in any part but the toe and the heel. A few models of Twin Layer are now being tested by some well-known sports footwear companies,” commented Catina Busi, General Manager of Busi Giovanni.


The automated Rimaglio device is situated at the side of the knitting machine. It downloads the sock from the machine, after completion of the knitting operation, and it transfers the sock to the linking device, where it is sewn loop by loop.

The sock is turned inside out, so that the linking remains on the inside of the sock, resulting in a perfect traditional-looking linking. After being sewn, the sock, already reversed to the right side, is removed from the machine and is ready for the next boarding operation.

Busi Giovanni

Since 1958 Busi Giovanni Srl has specialised in the design and construction of single-cylinder machines with rib needles in the dial for the production of high-quality stockings, socks and tights. Today, Busi is recognized worldwide as one of the most inventive producers of machines for high-performance and high-tech socks.

The company is a supplier to the most important producers of stockings, socks and tights, for the men's, women's and children's markets - classic, patterned, sports, technical-sports, as well as medical, with special solutions for graduated compression.

Busi sells in more than 50 countries around the world (90% export) through a network of partners that provide distribution and service.

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