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19th March 2020, Botticino Sera (BS), Italy

Business carries on at Busi despite coronavirus crisis

© Busi Giovanni.

Leading Italian socks knitting machine manufacturer Busi Giovanni has issued a statement regarding its business activities during the COVI 19 (coronavirus) situation. In a letter to its customers and partners this afternoon, the Brescia based company said:

“As you may know, our BUSI company is located in northern Italy where Coronavirus emergency is significantly serious.

Being always committed to adopt and spread the so-called culture of health and safety in our premises, for over the last few weeks we have been promoting responsible behaviour and adopting precautionary measures provided by the Italian Government in order to safeguard and protect our employees’ and anybody’s health.

In such an emergency situation our ethical commitment is equally strong and more solid.

Given that, we are here to notify that Busi’s staff is keeping working remotely thus guaranteeing daily full and total support as well as prompt feedback to any request worldwide.

Therefore, you can continue to refer directly to our sales-team as well as our technical staff who are keeping being operative as under normal conditions.

Regarding spare parts, too, our related department can be reached by mail and promptly meet your requests for offers and shipments as well.

In few words Busi is both able and willing to work and keep in touch with All of you to safeguard your business for mutual benefits.

Hope the above is explanatory, do not hesitate to contact us to our following mail addresses…”

·      Commercial & Marketing Direction: [email protected]

·      Technical Direction: [email protected]

·      Spare parts: [email protected]

·      Software support: [email protected]

·      Technical assistance: [email protected]


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