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Cad Cam

  • 15th July 2009

    Accutrack Automation: AccuTrack

    Production Monitoring Systems In the manufacturing industry, having a clear and informative 'view' of the shop floor at all times can dramatically improve efficiency and profitability. AccuTrack provides real time information enabling you to make quick and...

  • 12th July 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProFab beammanager

    The software solution for warp beam management With the ProFab beammanager TEXION has developed a module that offers comprehensive, convenient management functions for facilitating the management of warp beams and sectional beams. It helps to keep track o...

  • 2nd July 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProFab machinemanager

    The software solution for monitoring production processes With globalizing markets, the textile industry repeatedly has to face fierce price wars. At the same time, manpower is continually reduced so that process automation is the key to ensure comp...

  • 30th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProFab jobmanager

    The software solution for optimal results in advanced planning and scheduling Productivity increase of 44% achieved from 1995 to date with significant coincident reduction of staff. How should a company handle such requirements and prepare its production ...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProCad developer

    ProCad developer provides sophisticated functions for the design and production of Multibar and Jacquardtronic® patterns. Starting from a rough design draft, the program quickly calculates reliable machine data for production. Clear graphical proces...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProCad simulace

    On the basis of the integrated machine file, this simulation module calculates and creates a photo-realistic image of the lace fabric. Lace designs can be displayed in photo quality on the screen, or printed as hardcopy. The simulace module closely m...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProCad warpknit

    Software suite for tricot and technical textiles Knitted fabrics are used above all in the manufacture of outer garments such as leisure clothes or sportswear. The area of industrial textiles, which nowadays accounts for around 40% of total produc...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProCad velours

    The versatile program ProCad velours assists the designer in the development process without restricting him in any way. The designer is absolutely free to try out his creative ideas. Up to 64 yarn types are simultaneously available, and colors can be...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProCad warpknit 3D

    Three-dimensional textures in close-up The display and evaluation of three-dimensional textures at the development stage is made possible by ProCad warpknit 3D, the ground-breaking latest addition to ourtried-and-tested ProCad product family. Thro...

  • 20th June 2009

    Texion Software Solutions: ProFab designmanager

    The software solution for secure design data transfer The key to success for knitted goods producers, in particular for those manufacturing lace fabrics, is the invention and development of unique designs. All design-related data therefore are the ...

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