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20th June 2009

Texion Software Solutions: ProCad developer

ProCad developerProCad developer provides sophisticated functions for the design and production of Multibar and Jacquardtronic® patterns. Starting from a rough design draft, the program quickly calculates reliable machine data for production.

Clear graphical processing functions, yarn management via yarn database, automated calculation of yarn consumption and extensive documentation are only some of the strong points and highlights the ProCad developer module offers. The Karl Mayer machine database containing all the necessary parameters for production is the basis on which the created design is preliminarily tested for errors to ensure thus trouble-free production of the knitted fabric.

Sophisticated editing functions facilitate design development and help the user to reach the desired result safely and quickly.

The integrated Jacquard library offers numerous Jacquard grounds, and of course, the user can add its own, new ground variations. Hence the increasing number of patterns and motifs stored in the program’s libraries in time guarantees the steadily increasing efficiency of pattern development.

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