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20th June 2009

Texion Software Solutions: ProCad warpknit 3D

Three-dimensional textures in close-up

ProCad warpknit 3DThe display and evaluation of three-dimensional textures at the development stage is made possible by ProCad warpknit 3D, the ground-breaking latest addition to ourtried-and-tested ProCad product family. Through rotation and zooming, even the smallest detail of these intricate three-dimensional images is made available for close examination.

Technically sophisticated algorithms enable realistic reproduction of elastic effects in pattern designs. Single and double needle textiles can be calculated with different stitch densities, thread let-off values, yarn thicknesses, colors and elasticities. All images can be printed out for documentation purposes or saved in files.

Details made visible

Visualizing the often complex lapping of products is a  formidable challenge, even to those very experienced in textile production.

Application of ProCad warpknit 3D spotlights the essential details. Concentration can be fully focussed on the creation of variation options.

As an aid to the design process, ProCad warpknit 3D is especially useful to newcomers to textile design, enabling, for example, to see the effects of any number of alternative lappings. ProCad warpknit 3D makes on-the-machine experimentation a thing of the past, freeing up machine capacity for actual production. While lapping technology is not simple for newcomers to master, application of ProCad warpknit 3D can reinforce and speed up the  learning process.

Training up new people is an important investment factor for the future of any company.

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