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2nd July 2014, Florence

Cariaggi presents Fantasia yarns for A/W 15-16

Cariaggi presents the new series of yarns for the A/W 15-16 collection as part of its Fantasia project at Pitti Filati Italian exhibition for fashion  textiles and knitwear that is taking place from 2-4 July in Florence.

Alongside the classic yarns, Cariaggi presents a range of eye-catching new products. For the next winter season the company from Marche unveils a series of full-bodied and enveloping lightweight yarns.

A/W 15-16 collection

Nirvana (60% cashmere – 40% silk, worsted), is a voluminous yarn that makes those that wear it feel as if they are protected by a warm and impalpable cloud-like cocoon, according to the company.

Bijou (90% cashmere – 10% silk, worsted). © Cariaggi

Play (100% cashmere, carded), is a next-generation yarn that undergoes a very special processing technique making it possible to obtain a hollow tubular cashmere yarn that is said to be extremely light thanks to the air inside.

This yarn can be used for all types of processing, also by hand, and therefore offers plenty of scope for experimentation and creativity.

Cariaggi A/W 15-16 collection. © Cariaggi

Bijou (90% cashmere – 10% silk, worsted), a glamorous yarn with bouclé processing, gives garments a sense of dynamism and is perfectly suited to new colour interpretations.

Warm and luxurious

The Fantasia yarns range is completed with the Frisson yarn (94% cashmere – 6% silk, carded), which is further embellished by very fine sequins, and the Bouclé Persian-effect cashmere bouclé yarn (90% Cashmere - 10% silk, worsted). 

Nirvana (60% cashmere – 40% silk, worsted). © Cariaggi

The colours for the new collection are soft and delicate yet warm and sensual at the same time – they range from different shades of pink through to natural beiges and more decisive purples and woody browns.

Play (100% cashmere, carded). © Cariaggi

Cariaggi presents a world rich in cashmere and silk that is inspired by the fragrances of the East and sumptuous textures. The colours of the AW 15-16 collection bring warmth and a touch of luxury to the winter season, brightening up the snowy greys and pallid shades.


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