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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

Carlo Volpi

  • 22nd September 2015

    Knitwear inspiration at Premiere Vision

    Last Tuesday Carlo Volpi travelled to the French capital in search for some inspiration for the next A/W 16-­17 season.

  • 27th July 2015

    Jeff Donaldson's work: a beautiful malfunction

    Carlo Volpi met textile artist Jeff Donaldson when he gave a talk to the knitted textiles students at the Royal College of Art a few months ago.

  • 22nd July 2015


    Altaroma is the fashion event dedicated to haute couture that takes place in Rome twice a year.

  • 22nd July 2015

    Best Of Pitti

    According to Carlo Volpi, this edition was particularly successful, thanks to the multitude of initiatives that make it an exciting event for the whole knitwear industry.

  • 16th July 2015

    That’s Pitticolor: Carlo Volpi on the 77th Pitti Filati

    A multitude of brightly coloured traffic cones greeted the visitors outside the Central Pavilion, an unexpected smoke bomb display went off at different times throughout the day, forming colourful clouds in the clean blue sky above the Fortezza.

  • 27th May 2015

    Ice cream anyone?

    Carlo Volpi takes us on yummy knits trip and discovers that artists and designers often take their influences from what they like to consume - especially ice cream.

  • 13th April 2015

    The Art of The Brick

    Read the latest from Carlo Volpi about Nathan Sawaya, who is now making a living out of his favourite game: playing with Lego.

  • 8th April 2015

    What about me?

    Space and money are probably some of the most common problems that creative people have to face when living in London, says Carlo Volpi.

  • 26th February 2015

    The making of Magliaitalia

    One of the perks of working on Magliaitalia, the last exhibit of the Research Area at Pitti Filati, is the opportunity to work with all the new yarns, says Carlo Volpi.

  • 25th February 2015

    Strolling around Pitti Filati

    Read the latest blog entry from Carlo Volpi to find out what he loved the best about the recent Pitti Filati edition.

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