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Carlo Volpi

  • 23rd February 2015

    Pitti Filati 76

    The last edition of Pitti Filati that took place in Florence last month has been summarised with two very promising words: creativity and optimism, Carlo Volpi reports.

  • 22nd January 2015

    Craft For Life

    Knitwear designer Carlo Volpi talks about the moment when he found out about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris during a tea break while he was teaching.

  • 1st December 2014

    Knitted bodies

    Read the latest entry by Carlo Volpi to find out about a designer, who knitted herself a boyfriend, and other intriguing ideas.

  • 3rd November 2014

    Have a terrible Halloween

    It’s Halloween again… and our knitwear expert Carlo Volpi prepared a little collection of beautifully macabre art and fashion to celebrate it with you.

  • 23rd October 2014

    Knitting ink

    Find out what tattoo designs have inspired our fashion knitwear designer to get his own knitting tattoo.

  • 22nd September 2014

    Freedom of speech

    Read our latest fashion knitwear expert's entry to find out what he has to say about controversies surrounding Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs and Zara brand.

  • 4th September 2014

    The perfect stitch

    Read the latest entry by our fashion knitwear expert Carlo Volpi to find out why he finds bees so inspiring.

  • 11th July 2014

    Feel The Yarn

    An international knitwear exhibition at Pitti Filati connects the students with the best Italian spinners to produce innovative garments for the trade show.

  • 7th July 2014

    The Green Death

    Out fashion knitwear expert Carlo Volpi told us what is so deadly about the green colour, also known as the colour of hope.

  • 23rd June 2014

    Bucks New Uni Show

    Our fashion knitwear expert Carlo Volpi told us what was so exciting about the design students’ works at Bucks New Uni show last week.

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