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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

Carlo Volpi

  • 5th August 2013

    The new Industrial Revolution has begun at your nearest Maplin

    My favourite mug. A simple, white container with the perfect handle, with the perfect grip which contains just the right amount of coffee that I like to drink in the morning. My favourite mug and I shared many years and many homes together, but unfortunately a

  • 30th July 2013

    The Cotton Museum of Cairo

    Pitti Filati is a great place for designers to see new yarns, however not many of us wonder where the fibres used by spinners come from. During the latest edition of the show, even Filmar decided to celebrate one of their greatest loves: cotton.

  • 24th July 2013

    Pitti Filati 73

    Another July is almost gone, I'm so happy the weather in the UK has been amazing in the past few weeks. But I'm also even more happy because I didn't have to knit a lot in this heat! Some of you may have already read my report on Pitti Filati, I decided to wri

  • 23rd July 2013

    New designers

    New Designers, the yearly exhibition held at the Design Centre in London every year where new graduates from many universities around the country show their work, was a triumph of digital printing. Like I said in one of my previous entries, knit was quite spor

  • 10th July 2013

    Knitwear at the Royal College of Art

    During the last two weeks of their Master's degree, the final year students at the Royal College of Art in London showcase the culmination of their work to the public and the industry. All the disciplines take part in the show, from ceramics and jewellery to d

  • 10th July 2013

    Scott Bramley

    For many young graduates from all over the UK, an opportunity to show in London can be a very beneficial and rewarding experience. For many years, New Designers, the exhibition held at the Design Centre in Inslington, London, has granted graduating students a

  • 1st July 2013

    The future of knitwear

    Today I've been catching up with emails, bills, cleaning, food shopping and all that stuff that sometimes you wish you had a smart robot to take care of. I was browsing the Internet, looking for some images that I find inspiring and that I either store on Pint

  • 1st July 2013

    This is The Uniform

    I first heard about the BA Textiles programme at Goldsmiths in 2000 when I was doing my Foundation and after attending a couple of open days in some other universities I decided to go to Goldsmiths simply because "the studios looked cooler". Oh, the good old

  • 25th June 2013

    Footwear collaboration

    The Show at the RCA opened to the public this week. I was really excited to go to the private view on Wednesday night, but just like it happens on many opening nights, I drank quite a bit and chatted to lots of friends and ex-tutors I hadn't seen in a long ti

  • 25th June 2013

    Touch and go knitting

    I've been somewhat of a recluse over the past few months, I have been working for the Research Area at Pitti Filati again so I spent most days at home knitting.

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