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Carlo Volpi

  • 11th June 2014


    Read the latest entry by Carlo Volpi, our knitwear expert, to find out what to expect from the next edition of Pitti Filati show that is taking place in Florence next month.

  • 10th June 2014

    The God of knitting

    The pictures of Heaven and Hell, of the passion of the holy people and the eternal damnation of the sinners – find out about the inspirational images behind the recent work by the London based knitwear designer Carlo Volpi…

  • 9th June 2014

    May The Knitting Be With You

    What does home knitting have to do with Star Wars? Read what Carlo Volpi, our knitwear expert, believes we can learn from the iconic sci-fi and you will find a way you can knit in the dark...

  • 13th May 2014

    Lix-the amazing 3D printing pen

    I am very excited but also a bit anxious about the new developments in 3D printing. Just like knitting, where a single piece of string becomes a succession of loops that are twisted, tucked or slipped in various way to create dramatic pieces, with 3D printing

  • 28th April 2014

    The Fashion Swatch Book

    Some of my work has just been featured in Marnie Fogg's new book, "The Fashion Swatch Book", published by Thames and Hudson.

  • 22nd April 2014

    Dyloan Studio

    A few weeks ago I travelled to Milan for a collaborative project that I'm doing with Dyloan Studio, an innovative centre dedicated to new technologies for fashion. In occasion of the next Pitti Filati, Dyloan are collaborating with four designers to create cap

  • 22nd April 2014

    New Carlo Volpi Collection

    I have just published some pictures of my new collection on my website…it took a really long time but it’s finally here!

  • 28th March 2014

    Manifattura Igea S/S 2015 collection

    Just before I start working on the next show for the Research Area at Pitti, I thought I’d do a review of one of my favourite S/S collections I saw at Pitti last January. Manifattura Igea always shows a very exciting range in their Lab collection, offering v

  • 11th March 2014

    Zegna Baruffa colour trends for S/S 2015

    Spring has finally arrived in the UK, after a very warm weekend with plenty of sunshine and blue skies I thought I’d let the new season bring its magic to this blog as well. A few days ago I received Zegna Baruffa’s colour trends for S/S 2015, a very compr

  • 4th March 2014

    Futuristic heritage at Premiere Vision

    The concept of heritage seems to be a popular one these days: our ever expanding global village has blurred the confines of who we were, of our traditions and our cultural baggage. We are losing our sense of identity, of belonging to one place and we are becom

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