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Carlo Volpi

  • 14th January 2013

    Liu Fang's work: the contrast between strong and soft.

    I recently came across the work of Liu Fang whilst browsing online. I actually remember seeing some of her catwalk pieces when her collection was showcased in Paris last September but it is her sculptural knitwear that really caught my eye. Fang showed during

  • 7th January 2013

    The craft in Kapital

    I love Kapital! This great Japanese brand is not only famous for its wonderful denim creations, but also for its work ethics, and its secrecy!

  • 19th December 2012

    Hong Kong with Texprint

    Doing Texprint has been the highlight of my career so far, I think gaining recognition from the industry is the best pay back to many hours of hard work!

  • 18th December 2012

    So what the hell have I been up to???

    I've been working some crazy hours lately, I have a few projects on the go...I have been doing my usual job at Morley College in London teaching hand knitting and in addition to that, I have been working at Bucks New College in High Wycombe as a visiting machi

  • 10th December 2012

    Sorry Miss Cross Stitch

    In the past decade, hand knitting has had an incredible revival and many young people have taken up this old craft again. Thanks to new technologies and books, many skills have been preserved for the new generations and today knitting has a strong presence not

  • 3rd December 2012

    Knitting and Stitching show: it is always worth going to!

    I really hate the summer in London, every year everyone hopes that we will finally get some sunshine and some decent weather but obviously that hardly ever happens...I really do like seasonal changes and I love how suddenly the air becomes pungent and loaded w

  • 28th November 2012

    Othon & Tomasini

    I used to love clubbing in London: when I first moved to the UK my life revolved around the weekend, preparing for the big night out, planning what to wear, where to go... All that seems a very distant memory now and something I'm not entirely proud of, but my

  • 24th November 2012

    Welcome to the Carlo Volpi blog on knittingindustry.com

    Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog on knittingindustry.com! Let me introduce myself, my name is Carlo Volpi and I am a recent Textiles graduate from the Royal College of Art, I specialise in knit, of course! I hope you enjoy reading this blog: every we

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