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25th August 2010, Hong Kong

Cashmere World addresses quality and sustainability issues

Cashmere World website screenshotCashmere is coveted for its unique qualities. Its softness, durability, lightness and warmth make it a premium material desired by consumers worldwide. But, like other textiles and apparel sub-sectors, the cashmere industry faces issues of quality and sustainability on a global scale which threaten the long-term growth of the industry. Cashmere World trade fair is set to address such issues and beyond when it is held from 23 - 25 November this year in Beijing.

The organisers, UBM, and their government body partners CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Products & Animal By-Products) are offering attendees two significant fringe programmes – the Cashmere Quality Forum and  the Sustainability Conference, which are being supported by key industry players including the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and sponsors Huntsman Textile Effects.

The programmes are part of CFNA's on-going initiative to protect the value of the cashmere business and educate industry professionals and consumers about cashmere. CFNA has a mandate to set the standards of the cashmere industry in China, the country which controls over 95% of the world's supply of pure cashmere and produces 75% of cashmere products in the world.

WRAP has provided social responsibility training and certification services to textile and apparel industries for over a decade. “We are delighted to support Cashmere World for the greater future of the cashmere industry," said WRAP Senior Vice President Mr. Francis Yuk, who will participate at both the Forum and the Conference.

Mr. Yuk is confirmed as the moderator of the Cashmere Quality Forum, where panellists will debate the need for global cashmere quality standards and address both commercial and technical issues. He believes the Forum will help the industry achieve a "unified approach to cashmere quality analysis, cashmere manufacturing and quality improvement across the supply chain."

Meanwhile, the Sustainability Conference will take place following the forum, with the aim to promote the productive and sustainable development of the cashmere industry. The conference speakers will offer a multi-faceted perspective on the issue by addressing sustainable fashion, sustainable cashmere and sustainable businesses.

Mr. Young Chul Kim and Ms. Alice Ng, both specialists representing Huntsman Textile Effects, will offer insights into the future of cashmere sustainability, while senior lecturer Dr. Judyanna Kong from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Institute of Clothing & Textiles (ITC) is set to present fashion and design trends for cashmere.

The Cashmere Quality Forum and Sustainability Conference will take place 24 November 2010 at Cashmere World, the 3-day fair for the international cashmere industry. For registration please visit http://www.cashmereworldfair.com

Cashmere World is an international trade fair for the entire cashmere industry, from raw materials to finished products. It is a high-standard, annual meeting place that promotes the sustainability of the cashmere business through catalysing global fashion trends, technology innovations and promoting unique qualities that make cashmere one of the world's most loved luxury materials.

Cashmere World is organised by 2 major players, CFNA and UBM. CFNA is under the jurisdiction of MOFCOM and also the country's only national association for the cashmere industry. UBM is a leading professional fair organiser with 110 international events under its operation.

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