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11th April 2014, Hawick

Chanel to create 100 new jobs at Barrie Knitwear in Scotland

Barrie currently employs 176 people at the Hawick factory which is known for its high quality knitwear. © Barrie.Chanel has announced it will hire 100 new staff over the next three years at its Barrie Knitwear factory in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Barrie’s workforce where advised of the company’s expansion plans by Chanel’s fashion president Bruno Pavlovsky yesterday.

According to a BBC report last night, Mr Palovsky praised staff for their efforts since Chanel bought the luxury knitwear manufacturer from Dawson International in 2012, telling them that the company had healthy demand for its products.

The company will be launching the Barrie cashmere clothing brand next month, which will be sold at 40 major clothing retailers around the world and according to the report the company reports a healthy order book for the Barrie factory as a result of continued work for Chanel and other leading fashion labels.

Mr Pavlovsky told the BBC: "The visibility we have built up in the last 18 months with Barrie is amazing and we need to fulfil the demand and continue to develop.

"This is not a one-year development, it is 20 years and more. This is the beginning of something.

"We couldn't be doing all we are without the experience and skills here."

He added: "The people here have been fantastic. They have been so supportive of all the developments, working extra shifts to build this extra success and to continue that we need to find new people. We need to recruit."

Barrie currently employs 176 people at the Hawick factory.

The Barrie collection has been designed by Chanel's Odile Massauger, modelled by Phil Collins' daughter Lily and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Mr Pavlovsky said the development of the brand would show the fashion crowd that Barrie is an important player in its own right.

A dedicated boutique will open in Paris in June with a London store also being considered.

Barrie sales director Clive Brown said: "We have got the strongest future of any textile company in Scotland because we have got a fantastic partner in Chanel."

He added that the recruitment of staff would include both experienced, skilled workers and young people.

Source: BBC

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