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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

8th May 2019, Milan

Cifra is going all-in for sustainability

The Milan-based company has exploited the potential of WKS technology to easily customise seamless garments. © Cifra

The Milan-based company has exploited the potential of WKS technology to easily customise seamless garments. © Cifra

For Cifra, based in Italy, a specialist in the manufacture of apparel using its Warp Knit Seamless (WKS) production technique, the theme of sustainability has always been one of the most important aspects in the entire production chain. The company has announced it is going all-in for its commitment to eco-sustainability with the Green Attitude project.

“On one side there is the Zero Waste commitment, and on the other, there is the Green Attitude project with the introduction of sustainable and regenerated yarns. In this area, amongst the vast gamut of offerings, there are a variety of solutions that have been developed,” the company explains.

To achieve its sustainability goals, the company is using more yarns made from natural fibres and is looking to broaden its use of yarns made from bio-based materials and recycled materials.

Regenerated yarns

Econyl by Aquafil is a Nylon 6 made with 100% completely regenerated waste materials, which would otherwise end up in landfills or in the sea. A nylon thread is derived from recovered plastic materials: fishing nets, and more generally, scraps of fabrics used by the textiles industry, which are recovered and regenerated through a complex process of decomposition.

Q-Nova by Fulgar is a recycled and eco-sustainable Nylon 6,6 fibre obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials and produced by Fulgar according to modern traceability criteria and requirements. Q-Nova is composed of waste materials from the company's main production cycle. Materials as such are not able to be reused in any other way and would have to be disposed of externally as waste.

The new project with Starlight by Radici yarn obtained from the post-consumption of PET bottles is a way of offering a valid post-consumer alternative.

“In addition, there is news where Merino wool is concerned, the polyamide component will be replaced with Fulgar's Amni Soul Eco that allows for garments to rapidly decompose when disposed of and placed in landfills. As fervent supporters of a circular concept of sustainability, all these yarns will be combined with the Roica Eco Smart elastomer, which gives the fabrics a very high level of biodegradability,” the company further explains.

Full product traceability

Cifra, which is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class II, for a fully controlled supply chain, has recently introduced Panthera’s ERP system to guarantee full product traceability. “It is a complete and across-the-board offering, with green issues at heart, which has once again set forth an end-to-end propensity for safeguarding the planet. As long as innovation is responsible, Cifra will always be present,” the manufacturer states.

The Milan-based company has exploited the true potential of WKS technology to easily customise seamless garments so that they incorporate a number of different knit patterns – including intricate lace-like patterns and breathable mesh-like patterns. The first collection of WKS fashion apparel was launched in 2010, and since then the company has significantly expanded its offerings. The company now has more than one thousand different styles in its production catalogue and can also produce new designs and exclusive styles following customers' specific requests.


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