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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

25th March 2020, Verano Brianza, Milan

Cifra launches Warp-Mask to help in fight against COVID 19

© Cifra SpA.

© Cifra SpA.

Lombardy based Warp Knit Seamless (WKS) specialist Cifra SpA, has put all of its years of know-how into producing an innovative range of protective masks called Warp-Mask, which will be used to help in the country’s fight against COVI-19 (coronavirus). Cifra developed and brought the product to market in just days.

The news comes as the death toll from the outbreak of coronavirus in the north of Lombardy, which has been the worst affected area of Italy, rose by 320 in a day to more than 3770, according to media reports yesterday. The number of cases in the region, which includes the city of Milan, is said to have increased by more than 1550 to 28,760.

“To produce the innovative Warp-Mask in just a few days. For its realization, the exclusive patented WKS technology was used with which the Verano Brianza company manufactures athleisure, hosiery and sport garments for major international brands,” Pambianconews.com reported.

“I thought how I could make myself available with my company to deal with this terrible pandemic, “Cifra CEO Cesare Citterio told the online newspaper. “And we came up with the design of a hi-tech mask that guarantees to be certified OekoTex Standard 100 fabric, warp-knit, dubbed, waterproof, anti-drip, without seams for optimal comfort, sterilized, washable up to ten washes and all designed and made in Italy.”

Warp-Mask is a high-tech double-layer, run resistant and water repellent mask, which has been engineered using Cifra’s WKS system, to “adhere perfectly to the nose and mouth thanks to its PerfectSkin technology.”

Each mask is made with polyamide (80%) and Lycra (20%) multifilament yarn - the high percentage of Lycra and PerfectSkin technology guarantee perfect face adherence, to ensure covering the nose and mouth.

The fabric is doubled for a more compact and ultra-run-resistant structure and uses HeiQ Eco Dry technology, which offers fluorocarbon-free durable water repellence (DWR). The high-performance sustainable water repellent treatment is said to offer exceptional efficiency and durability to washing and dry cleaning. The applied HeiQ Eco Dry finish makes the masks machine washable at 40 ° and reusable.

Warp-Mask is also said to be resistant to bacterial agents and is “100% Made in Italy quality.”

Cifra CEO Cesare Citterio in action at the company’s factory in Verano Brianza. © Cifra SpA.

Cifra CEO Cesare Citterio in action at the company’s factory in Verano Brianza. © Cifra SpA.

Warp-Mask is available in two distinct styles – Warp and Mask. “Both models are functional, but you can choose the most suitable one based on the activity to be carried out. For those who need to wear the device for a long time (for example for those who have to drive or who works in the factory), we recommend the WARP model because it is more compact. Vice versa, the MASK model is more practical for those who have to carry out short-term activities and need to remove and put on the device often.”

Although still awaiting certification, the new mask is already on the market as a "garment" to help deal with the current emergency.

“Cifra has donated 1000 Warp-Masks to the Municipality of Monza. Many more will follow,” the company concludes.


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