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24th October 2008, Verano Brianza (Milan)

Cifra trials first Karl Mayer Seamless Smart


Italian warp knit seamless specialist Cifra SpA has confirmed to KnittingIndustry.com that it is to trial the first Karl Mayer DJ 4/2 Seamless Smart double needlebar raschel machine in Europe.

Karl Mayer’s Japanese subsidiary Nippon Mayer exhibited a DJ 4/2 Seamless Smart at an in house show last week and the machine is due to be exhibited publicly for the first time at Yiwu in China from 18-22 November. Cifra anticipates receiving a 24 gauge machine from Nippon Mayer any day now.

Cifra owner and Managing Director Cesare Citterio told KnittingIndustry.com: “We are testing the first Seamless Smart in Europe because we are recognized as a leader in the field of seamless fancy hosiery and garments knitted on raschel machines. As such we are a trusted partner of the Karl Mayer Group.”

Citterio clarified his interest in the Seamless Smart: “We believe that there will be definite advantages for us with this technology. First of all, because the machine is designed to produce only one or two garments at a time the yarn preparation requirements are less demanding than with earlier seamless raschel machines.”

Citterio explained further: “This means that sampling is easier and of course much quicker for us. The benefit for Cifra therefore, is that we can then produce small quantity orders which is a first for raschel technology.” Cifra also expects productivity benefits from the Seamless Smart as the machine is anticipated to run at speeds of up to 900rpm.

The new narrow width Seamless Smart DJ series has been designed to be sub-divided into different models. The first machine in this series, the DJ 4/2 is a double-needle bar raschel machine available in a working width of 42 inches. According to Karl Mayer, the machine comes equipped with all of Karl Mayer’s tried and tested technology. This includes, two ground guide and two jacquard bars, each arranged in two shog lines, so that it can offer all the patterning possibilities of six shog lines. The machine also has a jacquard mechanism, the successful piezo technology for controlling the jacquard needles, Kamcos with Multispeed system and electronic beam drives.

Karl Mayer says that new machine offers reliable performance for a relatively low cost and carries the quality seal that is a feature of all the machines manufactured by the Karl Mayer Group. The company also emphasizes that the compact DJ 4/2 does not require a large workforce to supervise and maintain it, which makes it an interesting proposition for companies new to the hosiery sector.

Cifra seamlessCifra, which is located in the industrial area of Brianza near Milan, was founded in the 1960s when seamless fishnet tights first appeared and radically transformed women’s hosiery. Today Cifra is well known for its technologically advanced production and continues to invest in research and development for new products. The company utilizes only the best quality yarns and supplies the more prestigious world labels with fishnet and fancy patterned hosiery produced with the best quality nylon covered Lycra.


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