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20th March 2012, Brescia

Orizio innovations to be revealed in Istanbul

Orizio MJMBF2 with individual needle selectionItalian circular knitting machine builder Orizio has announced that its newly redesigned MJMBF2 30 inch diameter single jersey striper machine will be now available with new Orizio Oritec electronic control system.

The redesigned MJMBF2, a single jersey striper with electronic individual needle selection with 3 way technique, will be on show for the first time at the forthcoming ITM 2012, which is being held from 21 to 24 April 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Customers will be given the opportunity to view the latest generation of Orizio 4 colour striper jacquard machines and to see at first hand, all of the improvements and innovations which have been recently introduced.

The redesigned MJMBF2 on show in Istanbul will be fitted with the new Orizio electronic control system with touch screen, USB port for data loading and/or software updating and a 512 megabyte standard memory capacity.   Orizio says the facility will create a whole new exciting dimension for the Orizio machines.

The MJMBF2 is a single jersey circular knitting machine that can work with four colour electronic stripers at each feed.  Talking passionately about the Brescia company's new technology, owner and CEO Alberto Orizio said today:

MJMBF2 knitting head"The cams profile and the selection system have been studied so that the movements of the knitting elements take place in the most favourable conditions, thus assuring the perfect formation of the stitch with the minimum energy consumption and, consequently, considerable reduction in the wear of all the machine's components."

"The needles and yarn fingers electronic selection allows for the automatic passage from a structure to another one as well as the partial or total annulment of the pattern, thus giving the possibility of pattern placing," Orizio added.

Details for the MJMBF2 

Diameter: 30" and 34"

Gauges: 18 - 32

Maximum speed:  24 rpm

Peripherical speed: 100 m/s

No. of feeds: 48 - 54        

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