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Circular Knitting

FutureStitch sets new environmental standard in manufacturing

The manufacturer of socks and circular knitted goods, has been awarded the highest LEED Platinum Certification for its environment-friendly building techniques and materials.

3rd November 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  San Clemente, CA, USA

Knitted Outerwear, Hosiery/​Socks

FutureStitch, Inc. an Orange County-based textile and technology company, has announced that its revolutionary manufacturing facility in China's Zhejiang Province recently received the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification – the USGBC's highest LEED designation and the highest score among sock and knitted goods manufacturers in the world.

As a leader in circular-knitting technology and material innovation, FutureStitch describes itself as is a manufacturing and licensing partner committed to the people and communities that help make its world-class products, and now it has received the highest certification for creating a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly work environment.

"Since our founding, FutureStitch has had an equal focus on producing high-quality products and raising global manufacturing standards," said FutureStitch Co-Founder and CEO, Taylor Shupe. "Addressing society's most pressing issues, such as combatting climate change and providing meaningful employment with living wages, should be a primary goal for all manufacturing companies. Our Platinum LEED certification demonstrates that it is possible for any manufacturer to move beyond aspiration and take action to create a workplace that both engages employees and reduces its impact on the environment. We have set a new global standard for textile manufacturing, and we will continue to pioneer innovative, socially and environmentally responsible approaches as we look to build our first U.S.-based factory."

FutureStitch is the first US based manufacturer in China to receive the LEED Platinum certification, which recognizes FutureStitch's achievement in operating a healthier, more energy and resource-efficient building. The facility's low environmental impact features include:

Low Impact Construction: The factory was built using a fraction of the concrete typically used to build manufacturing facilities, and, instead, is constructed with recycled, ultra-durable metals like aluminium alloys and steel.

Low Power Usage: 500,000 kilowatts (kWh) of power is saved annually through the use of efficient lighting, on-site solar heating, and maximized access to natural lighting, reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 498.5 tons.

Geothermal HVAC: A geothermal air conditioning system pumps cooled groundwater through the building, reducing energy costs and eliminating the need to use any ozone-depleting substances.

Air Quality: Fresh air is circulated throughout the factory, including the production workshops, to reduce carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and maintain high air quality.

Low Water Usage: State-of-the-art chemical injection systems alleviate need for wastewater. Products are finished using a dry-cleaning method instead of wet processes.

Green Transportation: More than 90% of employees commute through green travel.

FutureStitch's 300,000-square-foot facility in China's Zhejiang Province opened in October 2018. Through a combination of world-class technicians, advanced software and industry-leading machinery, the operation delivers speed-to-market and competitive pricing for its customers, the company says. Designed by renowned architect Zhang Lei, FutureStitch's state-of-the-art facility is SA8000 compliant – the world's leading social performance certification program focused on worker well-being – and includes a library, basketball court, gym, and 4000-square-foot art gallery, reflecting FutureStitch's commitment to providing its employees a place to live, learn, play, exercise, and relax, the company adds.

"Greatness is in the details, and year over year, that's where we find opportunities to innovate," said Taylor. "We put a lot of care and attention into everything we do at FutureStitch; big and small. The LEED Platinum certification is a major milestone for our brand and it puts us on the path to becoming a top innovative manufacturer—not only in China but throughout the world."

Founded in 2017, FutureStitch, Inc. is a leading global textile and technology company founded by Taylor Shupe and Peter Shi. FutureStitch's main purpose is to create premium knitted products through a business model that promotes social and environmental consciousness. In a continued mission to revolutionize the archaic knitwear manufacturing industry, in 2018, FutureStitch opened an industry-leading facility with unmatched design services and rapid time-to-market capabilities. In 2020, the FutureStitch factory located outside Shanghai, China received the highest LEED Platinum Certification for energy efficiency at every level of operation.

With offices in San Clemente, California, and Haining, China, FutureStitch has a strong brand portfolio that includes Stance China LTD, InStitches Inc., Boosocki LLC, FreshMD LLC, and Golden Willow LTD; and is the contract manufacturer of Stance socks.

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