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Circular Knitting

Kern-Liebers introduces new generation of Relanit sinkers

Due to the new development, the range of strength of knitted fabrics can be considerably extended.

16th May 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Schramberg

Knitted Outerwear

German manufacturer Kern-Liebers Textile has developed a new generation of Relanit sinkers to meet the latest requirements of the ever-changing market. According to the company, this new generation enables the production of all kinds of knitted fabrics. A uniform pattern can be ensured even for highly advanced knitted fabrics, and due to the new development, the range of strength of knitted fabrics can be considerably extended. 

“The textiles market is in continual change. The technical standards of the machines and the know-how of all persons involved become higher and higher. In addition to the need of high speed machines also the specifications of the knitted fabric require increased standards with regard to the strength and mesh structure. In pursuit of this trend, the adjustment of all equipped elements for the knitting process is indispensable. Only then the highest quality standard can be achieved in order to assure the customer satisfaction at the maximum level,” the manufacturer explained.

“Obviously, this development also concerns the Relanit machines by Mayer & Cie. The demand for high-quality knitted fabrics increases continuously in many markets. As a result of this, the machine settings and the tolerances need to be constantly improve, which also leads to higher and changed specifications for the Relanit sinkers.”

“Based on our long experience as an OEM supplier of Mayer & Cie, we have managed the perfect adjustments to reach the latest demands of the markets. This new high-end product is a further completion of the worldwide biggest sinker programme by Kern-Liebers Textile,” the manufacturer continued. “We recommend for high class knitting machines Kern-Liebers original sinkers only.”

Established as a dedicated business unit in 1999, Kern- Liebers Textiles has since then grown continuously. The acquisition of Saxonia Textile Parts, the Bavarian needle plate manufacturer Paul Leistner and Sächsische Nadel- und Platinenfabriken laid the foundation for the companies' subsequent steep growth, a development complemented by the acquisition of the German needle manufacturer Haase and Kühn.

Under the umbrella brand Kern-Liebers Textile, the company says it has created a corporate network that is capable of meeting the widest range of requirements within the textiles industry. The company offers a complete range of needles, components for weft and warp knitting machines. The company also offers a range of products for stenter frames and combing machines.

The complete Kern-Liebers range of products includes more than 55,000 different needles and sinkers making it one of the world's leading providers in terms of both quality and the range of products.

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