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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

2nd December 2019, Sursee

New Calida collection stretches towards sustainable future

100% Nature by Calida round neck t-shirt, and boxer shorts with Roica V550. © Asahi Kasei/Calida100% Nature collection by Calida reflects a shared vision for sustainable fashion. “A mission and a strong commitment combining comfort with technology, style and a responsible attitude,” the company reports.

Manufactured in a closed, particularly energy-efficient cycle and sourced from sustainably managed forests, the men’s/women’s underwear and loungewear collection by leading fashion brand Calida “reaches the 100% of sustainability” thanks to the premium stretch fibre Roica, delivering high performance in both stretch and sustainability.

Cellulose-based premium materials are blended with Roica V550; the non-toxic-release innovation in sustainable elastic fibres, matching the need for elasticity, quality, comfort with the request for sustainability and respect for the environment.

Roica V550 is part of Roica Eco-Smart family, the latest and cutting edge range of Roica, the premium stretch fibre for the modern wardrobe by leading innovator Asahi Kasei.

100% Nature is certified Cradle to Cradle, which means that raw materials can be used time and again in an ongoing biological cycle. Calida clothing brand is also awarded the Made in Green by Oeko-Tex label, which is based on compliance with strict social responsibility and ecological criteria and certifies that the textiles carrying the label have been tested for harmful substances.



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