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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

15th January 2018, Vila Nova de Cerveira

Tintex reveals naturally advanced cotton collection

At next Première Vision in New York, Tintex will announce its complete switch from the use of conventional cotton and the concomitant launch of a new fabric range of the new generation of cotton: Naturally Advanced Cotton by Tintex. This new range offers an advanced smart choice of four different premium and responsible advanced cotton solutions, such as BCI cotton, Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi, GOTS certified organic cotton and Supima.

“These new fabrics maintain and upgrade the transparent, hi-tech and sustainable organics that are at the heart of the Tintex DNA. They represent better, smarter eco-materials with new levels of performance and hi-tech smarts, thanks to a first-class expertise in specialist dyeing and finishing techniques, coatings and applications that use the latest research, equipment and processes to deliver it,” the company explains.

Tintex fabric made of BCI Cotton. © Tintex

This new launch represents “advancing beautiful, organic and natural materials to the next level combined with unique, hybrid ‘nature-tech’ smarts, with added value and creativity, thanks to dedicated investments that serve and secure our customer’s demands both now and in the seasons to come,” said CEO Mario Jorge Silva.

New collection

The new collection features BCI cotton. The Better Cotton Initiative has specific aims to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production, improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas, and improve commitment to and flow of Better Cotton throughout supply chain.

Tintex fabric made of Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi. © Tintex

Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi is a range of full-colour yarns – a smarter cotton made from pre-consumer clippings that save up to 77.9% water during manufacture. This season Tintex is also introducing a new, finer Ecotec yarn called Phoenix, also GRS certified, being made from 50% Ecotec cotton and 50% recycled polyester.

The Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS is the most important standard for sustainable production of garments and natural fibre textile products from organic farming, such as organic cotton or organic wool. GOTS criteria measures environmental, technical quality, toxicity and social impacts.

Tintex fabric made of GOTS certified organic cotton. © Tintex

Finally, Tintex offers 100% Supima American-grown, extra-long staple cotton fabrics and blends with Tencel. “These special four cotton actors are made even more advanced by unique smart finishing as Plummy and Naturally Clean, for clean surfaces, bright colours, outstanding touch always with a very careful eye at the responsible values,” the company adds.

New colour balance techniques

The new Tintex collection plays with new colour balance techniques that deploy the benefits of chromo therapy for wellbeing, alongside skin safe materials and finishing innovations. The collection uses up to 90% of smart and sustainable materials that include 40% contemporary cottons (BCI, Ecotec, GOTS certified organic and Supima), 40% Tencel, Modal and Micromodal, and 20% other smart materials, such as Cupro, Seacell, natural organic Linens and Roica Eco Smart family.

Tintex fabric made of Supima cotton. © Tintex

For colouration effects, the Tintex range uses the Roica Colour Perfect family of yarns that help deliver a flawless colour surface and a responsible finish in all its new performance stretch fabric designs.

Key highlights include changeant effects in both yarn and piece dyed assortments, contrasting thermosensitive colour coatings, UV coatings and colourful applied patterns as well as new, extra-fine and semi-transparent jerseys, contrasted with fluid or compact qualities.

Fashionable and environmentally responsible

Recent Tintex seasonal collections have been rewarded with a new roster of important brand adoptions for the upcoming season. They include the Jan’n June, German brand, founded in 2014, whose aim is to offer garments that are fashionable, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Jan'n June SS 2018 collection with Tintex materials. © Tintex

Produced by a family owned company in Poland, Jan’n June operates a strong transparency policy with printed QR-Codes on the hangtags to give its customer’s all the key information about fabrics, production values and certification for each and every garment.

The collection for SS ’18 has a minimal look with clean cuts using a neutral colour palette as part of this brand’s appeal. The current collection is based on essential blacks, grays and whites accented with a contrasting red and a tropical print. An elegant summer mood is revealed in wide cut sleeves, open edges and subtle stripings.


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