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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

14th May 2019, Vila Nova de Cerveira

Uno by Tintex goes active at Performance Days

Uno collection by Tintex Textiles: presenting Naturally Advanced jersey solutions. © Tintex TextilesTintex Textiles addressed soft performance at Performance Days, the leading functional fabric fair for the sourcing in sports, work and corporate wear, which took place last week, presenting the Naturally Advanced Uno line and two smart contemporary concepts: a unique initiative aimed at making the cotton dyeing process more efficient and sustainable and The Blue Lab socially and environmentally smart action.

Uno articles are said to offer for the contemporary active life that refers to unity as a result of the revolutionary generation in a society that embraces uniqueness and differentiation. Smart ingredients take the lead, enhanced by the Tintex unique dyeing and finishing expertise.

New levels of performance

Starting from the “Uno is…embrace yourself” concept for new levels of wellbeing performance, a unique range of natural fibres is blended with technical qualities, such as the transformed polyamide Q-Nova by Fulgar with moisture control, SeaCell that embodies the unique properties of seaweed and Roica CF (Clean Fit), an odour neutralising premium stretch yarn by Asahi Kasei.

And continuing with idea that “Uno is…starting a revolution”, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton fabrics feature Ecotec by Marchi&Fildi yarns saving up to 77.9% in water consumption in comparison to conventional cotton, and Roica EF, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified responsible stretch yarn.

Uno collection by Tintex Textiles: presenting Naturally Advanced jersey solutions. © Tintex TextilesExperiencing the “Uno is…working together” selection, visitors were be able to discover the value of a positive group revolution: Tencel Lyocell, together with Refibra by Lenzing, advanced Newlife continuous filaments and Roica V550, a premium stretch boasting the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Level for Material Health product and ingredients and the Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certificate as, at its end of life, it breaks down without releasing harmful substances.

Last but not least, “Uno is…living the dream” concept stands for unique style and colour performances that are achieved thanks to Bemberg by Asahi Kasei, a new generation GRS Certified, high-tech natural material made from cotton linters. Bemberg boasts a biodegradability certification by Innovhub and Roica Colour Perfect, a premium stretch ingredient that delivers deep and flawless colours.

Special collection

“Tintex faced Performance Days staying true to its naturally Advanced DNA indeed presenting a unique initiative aimed at making the cotton dyeing process far more efficient and sustainable, measurably reducing water use, toxic chemicals and salt,” the company reports.

“A special collection able to offer a naturally compatible value, where we are not just reducing water use by as much as 90%, but also that up to 95% of toxic chemicals can be eliminated. Salt, one of the Uno collection by Tintex Textiles: Performing Naturally Advanced Jersey solutions primary chemicals in cotton dyeing, is no longer needed to create beautiful, lasting colour.”

Uno collection by Tintex Textiles: presenting Naturally Advanced jersey solutions. © Tintex TextilesTo date, this is just the beginning, “a very dynamic starting point”, the company says, all thanks to these precious and smart cooperations:

  • ColorZen, an innovative technology that applies a patented and safe wet treatment to bales of raw Pima cotton fibre
  • Tearfil Textile Yarns, with 45 years of spinning experience
  • Becri Group, which crafted eight relaxed and casual styles characterised by a strong versatility

Responsible innovation

An additional step in the Tintex journey to responsible innovation and water saving is represented by The Blue Lab initiative, created in collaboration with the NGO Drip by Drip. It is another Naturally Advanced commitment to create responsible, water efficient textile solutions in alignment with social values.

A supply chain of premium partners behind Blue Ben brand includes: Tearfil creating the yarn, Tintex realising the water efficient fabrics, Estrela do Campo crafting the garments, Montebelo that works closely with brands, organisations and manufacturers to create responsible fashion products, and with Agroho, the non-profit organisation that is working for marginalized communities in Bangladesh.


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