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17th April 2009, Cilavegna, Italy

Comeztronic CT-11B to feature at Istanbul show


Narrow fabrics machinery specialist Comez SpA, will exhibit along with its agent Benteks A.S, at the forth coming ITM2009, to be held in Istanbul, from 6th to 10th June 2009. The company will show its Comeztronic CT-11B, a versatile electronic crochet machine for the production of an extensive range of laces, bands and ribbons, in both rigid and elastic fabrics.

According to Comez, the Comeztronic CT-11B offers maximum levels of productivity and versatility, quick style and pattern change times and a strong and compact structure. The company also says it is a machine which is also extremely user-friendly and simple to maintain.

Comez says that the machine is fruit of a project based on a global system involving the updating of mechanical parts to guarantee both full interchangeability of parts and accessories, so as to allow rapid style changes, and the application of a new and advanced electronic technique allowing all movements to be programmed without the need for mechanical intervention on the machine.

The Comeztronic CT-11B comes with a 600-mm operating width, is fitted with 10 electronically driven weft bars and 1 bar shifted by the weft device, and is available in gauges 15 and 20 (needles per inch). The high number of bars and the electronic operation system allow elaborate patterns to be created, with very long pattern repeats.

The electronic drive of the thread feeders and the finished product take-down allows for the possibility of different stitch density values (stitches/cm) on one single product, as well as different values for weft/warp feeding and elasticity.

The Comeztronic CT-11B is fitted with Comez’ new generation Data Control Controller, governing the latest generation of actuators. These new actuators feature excellent dynamic performance and positioning precision, far superior to previous types, the company says. The Controller manages all necessary machine functions, monitors production data and allows for the realisation of lengthy pattern repeats: the number of lines for each pattern can reach a value that is almost unlimited, Comez says.

The pattern is programmed by Comez’ exclusive Comez Draw or SYSTEM.WIN software, which is compatible with any IBM-compatible Personal Computer. Pattern data is transferred from a PC to the Data Control Controller on the machine by means of a memory card.

Comez stresses that the Comeztronic CT-11B expresses at top levels the high quality of Comez’ technology, representing a unique production means at the disposal of the manufacturers of sophisticated articles for underwear. Electronics applied to Comez machines are totally exclusive, entirely designed, developed and created by Comez.

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