IN BETWEEN is the key theme of the trends presented by SPINEXPO. © SPINEXPO

The 5th session of SPINEXPO, a trade fair dedicated to promoting innovation in the yarn, fibre and knitwear industry, will present a preview of its collections and colour ranges for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Buyers will be taken on an educational and entertaining tour of the challenges facing the profession today, from 16-17 January in Paris.

With its leading-edge range, state-of-the-art concepts, creativity and inspiration, it is an unmissable event. The showpiece exhibition, which has been held in Shanghai for 16 years, has been a permanent catalyst for the textiles and fashion industry and continues to act as a stimulus, encouraging suppliers and buyers to present and discover new products and innovative technical applications.

The main focus will be on a theme called Organic Futurism. © SPINEXPO

Increasingly frequent collections are leading to a build-up of unsold stock for chain stores who have to meet an ever-growing demand from customers for products that are not only newer, health-conscious and environmentally friendly but also affordable. How can they meet this challenge?

IN BETWEEN is the key theme of the trends presented by SPINEXPO for the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

“With five different trends and colour ranges, and working in close collaboration with the exhibiting companies, our main focus will be on a theme called Organic Futurism, which will focus on how to use traditional materials more creatively thanks to new technologies that combine organic and synthetic materials to create more high-performance yarns,” the organisers explain.

One of the brand-new lines on show will be KnittingINDIGO. © SPINEXPO

One of the brand-new lines on show will be KnittingINDIGO from the Taiwanese spinner AA Global, which is the result of more than 30 years of research.

The process of very intense washing of fibres used for knitwear has been a major obstacle in the development of this series. Based on the principle of denim fabric with exceptional durability, a knitwear version based on the same principle seemed obvious.

Creating a series of yarns that combine the principle of denim and yarn has represented a successful challenge for AA Global.

The success of these yarns is a real revolution that will open the way for knitted sweaters and shirts, T-shirts and other products with the same denim look as traditional denims.

This series of ten yarns with different thicknesses and appearances – fluffy, curly, ribbon and micro-mesh – will be previewed at SPINEXPO Paris and Shanghai.