Monday, April 19, 2021
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Fashion Transparency Index 2020: A Brief Summary of Key Findings

The 5th edition of Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index was introduced by founder and Global Operations Manager Carry Somers at a virtual press conference...

Sensil Unveils Code Trend Book

Millennials and Gen Z continue to redefine the apparel market, and Sensil, Nilit’s premium Nylon 6.6 brand for apparel, says it answers with the...

Roica Stretches Boundaries for Contemporary Consumers

As the role of lingerie in fashion and athleisure continues to augment, the desire for garments that will meet a new set of values...

Fashion Transparency Index 2019: Fashion Revolution’s Educational Tools for Change

Whilst Fashion Revolution gathers momentum by educating and encouraging consumers to ask #whomademyclothes?, behind the scenes, Director of Policy Sarah Ditty and her team...
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