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25th November 2010

Darquer Trends Summer 2012

Darquer Trends Summer 2012Aristocratie

This theme explores the unexpected, contrasts and fancy geometry. It stretches asymmetry and stylised plant motifs into natural or arabesque shapes. Against myriad different backdrops and ornamental foliage, lace produces fascinating, complex effects on geometric and organic motifs.

It’s a world unto its own, shrouded in mystery yet with a sophisticated, contemporary edge.

Dotted Swiss lace provides a contemporary, dynamic blend in which graphic and geometric effects mingle with netting and lightweight dotted lace, for a carefree, poetic allure.

Tints are shaded and tangy, in a neo-military spirit mixing camouflage and organic motifs to produce a masculine-feminine style that’s truly attuned to the times.


A surreal, dreamlike theme with a definite focus on beauty, this oh-so-romantic theme features unassuming modern accents.

It’s an ornamental theme geared around contrasts between opaque floral motifs and incredibly sheer backdrops to imitate tattoos, and gorgeous, superbly soft “olde worlde” floral arrangements.

Guipure lace features highly elegant floral motifs.

Woollen lace is the season’s superstar with interplay of sensual stitches imbued with rustic sex appeal and wild fantasy to novel effect.

Shades are deep, like plum and red for elegant, sophisticated outfits; there’s a new twist on black.

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