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DBT appointed European distributor for Polylana fibre tops

Polylana Fiber is said to be a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic and wool fibre, using less energy, water and CO2 during production.

25th January 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dutch clean-tech start-up The Movement, makers of Polylana Fiber, has announced a new partnership with Italy tops producer DBT Fibre. The partners’ objective is to accelerate the use of low-impact and traceable fibres for the European fashion and textile market.

“There is a growing push on sustainability, but brands and retailers are facing serious market challenges. Consumers are becoming more aware of both the impacts of climate change and the social impact of clothing production on communities around the world, they’re longing for a more sustainable way of life,” says The Movement.

“Brands and retailers have strategies regarding replacing conventional materials like cotton, polyester and viscose for eco-friendly alternatives. However, for acrylic there was no branded alternative available. That's why The Movement created Polylana Fiber,” the company says.

“Polylana Fiber is the low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic and wool fibre using less energy, water and CO2 during production. Not just different, but better,” it adds.

“For both DBT Fibre and The Movement, sustainability is part of their DNA. The two leading companies will bring their collective resources, expertise and integrated textile fibre solutions to the European fashion and textile industry.”

Polylana is 100% traceable by the AWARE integrity system of tracer- and blockchain technology. © The Movement.

Federico de Martini, Director of DBT Fibre, commented: “We’re happy to partner with The Movement, the makers of Polylana Fiber. We share the same vision to reduce the consequences the textile industry has on our environment. We believe that our partnership will create a positive impact that results in reducing water, energy, and CO2 by offering Polylana as a low-impact fibre in the fashion and textile industry. Particularly in the long-staple system, we can make a real difference together.”

"So far Polylana Fiber was only available in China. With the collaboration of DBT Fibre, knitters in Europe can have easy access to Polylana Fiber and tops," says Tatiana Ponce Carmona, Brand Director of Polylana Fiber. "DBT Fibre is a well-known, reliable and professional partner, with a huge emphasise on sustainability. We are extremely proud to be able to work with them,” she continued.

Polylana fibre is made from a mix of innovative polyester chips and recycled polyester but is said to have the same characteristics as acrylic, “a nice loft and hand feel,” the company says. “However,” it adds: “Polylana can be dyed at low temperature, which normal (recycled) polyester cannot. Saving energy during dyeing of the yarn. Polylana is 100% traceable by the AWARE integrity system of tracer- and blockchain technology. Brands & Retailers are assured that they are incorporating genuine Polylana Fiber in their products and that sustainable claims are validated,” The Movement concludes.

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