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Flat Knitting

22 Factor unveils on-demand 3D knitting service

The service targets small-to-mid size brands and designers; shortens the time from sketch to market by 92%, compared with traditional process.

12th November 2019

Knitting Industry
 |  Hong Kong

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear

22 Factor uses upcycled virgin yarn from luxury fashion brands to create premium quality knitwear. © 22 Factor

22 Factor uses upcycled virgin yarn from luxury fashion brands to create premium quality knitwear. © 22 Factor

22 Factor, a knitwear lifestyle start-up powered by Cobalt Fashion, a leading knitwear specialist in the knitwear industry, has unveiled an on-demand 3D knitting service offering. The offering takes an eco-friendly digital approach, revolutionizing traditional knitwear manufacturing and allowing designers and brands to produce garments in smaller quantities and minimize excessive production.

“At 22 Factor, we have a role in driving the positive change we want to see in this industry. We constantly look for new ways, namely by using technology, to optimize our production process for a smarter and more sustainable supply chain,” said Dorothy Pun, Founder of 22 Factor and Vice President of Cobalt Fashion. “On-demand manufacturing helps to tackle the issue of wastage in the fashion industry and we aim to expand this service to bigger players in the future to drive mass adoption of the technology.”

Most polluting industry

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally. A minimum 39 million tonnes of clothing are discarded each year, of which only 10% is recycled and 8% is re-used for second-hand clothing. The majority (57%) is sent to landfills.

Shima Seiki Wholegarment knitting machine. © 22 Factor

Shima Seiki Wholegarment knitting machine. © 22 Factor

22 Factor uses upcycled virgin yarn from luxury fashion brands to create premium quality knitwear at a fraction of the price. Its on-demand 3D knitting service offering features high-definition virtual sampling and simulation technology, allowing designers to visualize their designs and create detailed prototypes down to the exact colour, style and material, and all entirely online, without creating a single physical sample.

Leveraging 3D knitting

As an intrapreneurial venture of Cobalt Fashion, 22 Factor leverages Shima Seiki’s Wholegarment knitting technology, enabling designers to produce 3D seamless garments, which provide a comfortable stretch with greater stress distribution and range of motion, while also optimising design, drape and fit. The production process is shortened by 92% from a typical 12-month period to less than one month, while at the same time always maintaining the quality of the garment.

22 Factor is experimenting with the technology via an on-demand 3D knitting configurator available on its website. Initially targeted at an increasing number of small- to mid-size brands and independent designers with lower production orders, the service gives designers the tools and flexibility to produce the exact quantity of stock based on their actual needs in a shorter period of time, without needing to worry about excess stock or markdowns.

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