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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

1st July 2020, Leicester, UK

Leicester knitter develops re-usable quality cotton face masks

© Jack Masters Ltd.

Jack Masters Ltd, a Leicester, UK based knitwear manufacturer has been producing premium knitwear for brands and stores since 1987. “Like many small businesses, lockdown hit us hard and we had thousands of pounds in orders paused or cancelled,” says Snahal Patel, sales director.  “But we knew we wanted to help the fight against the spread of the virus, so we set ourselves the challenge of manufacturing a face mask that could be knitted in one piece efficiently and affordably. In addition, we wanted to make the mask re-usable, washable and anti-bacterial.”

“Working in collaboration with local suppliers we were introduced to Byron, inventor of Micro-Fresh. Micro-Fresh technology is the global brand for freshness protecting the wearer from bacteria, odour and avoid the spread of viral infection. The active ingredient in Micro-Fresh is naturally occurring and offers protection up to 50 washes,” Snahal Patel adds.

“The result is a Nano-free technology effective at preventing bacterial growth up to 99.9% and furthermore it is kind to the human skin and tough on harmful bacteria.”

The company has announced it is now selling reusable face masks. “Our masks are knitted with the latest 3D knitting technology using Supima Cotton, ensuring quality and comfort. Each mask is coated with Micro-Fresh technology to protect the wearer from bacteria, odour and avoid the spread of viruses,” Snahal explains. “For adults, the masks come in two sizes and for children we have one size for ages 3 to 6.”

“To give additional protection, the ‘Stop and Sneeze’ mask comes with an opening to place a filter such as the N95 filter in between the fabric. The N95 filters at least 95% of airborne particles meaning cleaner breathing for your customer,” Snahal concludes.

How to buy Stop and Sneeze masks

You can buy online at www.stopandsneeze.com

For trade enquires or further information, please contact Jenny at [email protected] 

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