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Acabada launches CBD-infused activewear collection

An innovative, luxury pro-activewear line infused with CBD announces its inaugural collection available online this week.

22nd August 2019

Knitting Industry
 |  New York, NY

Sports/​Activewear, Collections

A luxury pro-activewear line infused with CBD announces its inaugural collection available online. © Acabada ProActiveWear

Acabada ProActiveWear introduces itself as the world's first and only CBD-infused activewear brand. The limited-edition launch collection drops today. For the proactive woman, Acabada’s products are designed by a team that has over 60 combined years in the apparel industry, creating modern, fashion-forward pieces.

Conceptualised in New York and made in Portugal, Acabada infuses luxury fabric with the high-quality organic CBD (Cannabidiol), to ensure that women will look, feel and perform at their best. With Acabada ProActiveWear, recovery starts from the moment you get dressed by helping to fight soreness and promote healing before the first squat, lunge or crunch, the company explains.


Each Acabada collection will be a limited-edition line available only until all units are sold. Future collections will feature new pieces, styles and colourways, with the brand’s second drop this October. Taking inspiration from the streets of New York City, Acabada ProActiveWear's first line includes high-performance sports bras, tops, leggings, shorts, jackets and bodysuits, all designed to be worn day into night.

Ranging from black and white to gunmetal grey, with different colours and styles launching with each drop, these CBD-infused garments are constructed from luxe fabrics in both high shine and matte finishes. “Our variety of garments were designed with the active woman in mind, providing her the opportunity to not only workout in high-fashion styles, but also continue her day in luxurious fabrics that are breathable and move with her,” said Katrina Petrillo, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Acabada ProActiveWear.

Positive effects of CBD

With over 30 years in the apparel industry, Acabada CEO and co-founder Seth Baum recognised the positive effects of CBD on pain and inflammation and the fact that top athletes embrace the active ingredient as a part of their training and recovery ritual. Mr Baum assembled a team of experienced fashion designers, including co-founder and CCO Katrina Petrillo, and together they created a high fashion yet innovative product.

“While typical CBD products, such as tinctures and edibles, are growing exponentially in popularity, we began to envision a product that addressed health and wellness through a different lens. By physically infusing CBD into our garments, our product lives at the intersection of fashion, fitness, and wellness,” said Mr Baum.

‘Finished with CBD’

Through a scientific process called microencapsulation, Acabada strategically infuses CBD molecules into high-performance fabrics by wrapping microscopic droplets of zero-THC, hemp-derived CBD with a protective coating. Using a patented textile finishing treatment, the microcapsules bond to the fibres in the fabric. Strategically placed within the garments to align with muscle groups, the microcapsules gradually open over time as each layer meets with friction from your skin.

When the individual capsules break open, the CBD is released and trans-dermally absorbed, where it interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help regulate and reduce pain and inflammation caused by physical activities.

“Just like CBD is infused in our activewear, the letters CBD are in our name aCaBaDa,” explained Mr Baum. “Acabada comes from the Portuguese word for finish, Acabar, perfectly telling the story that our fabrics have been finished with CBD.”

Upcycling programme

Each garment from Acabada ProActiveWear contains up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9% pure CBD, which is designed to allow the benefits to last through 40 high-intensity wear and wash cycles.

As customers approach 40 wears and washes, they can choose to sustainably recycle their CBD-infused garments through Acabada’s upcycling programme, where the recycled, synthetic fabrics will be repurposed where needed as commercial materials. With this programme, customers will also receive a 30% exclusive discount on their next Acabada ProActiveWear purchase.

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