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All-Italian quality in new Sensitive Fabrics collection

For Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 season, Sensitive Fabrics have been interpreted in the new trends for flowing, highly feminine lingerie garments.

5th June 2019

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Intimate Apparel, Collections

Cocooning. © Eurojersey

Cocooning. © Eurojersey

For Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 season, Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey have been interpreted in the new trends for flowing, highly feminine lingerie garments. The fabrics are soft, sensual and comfortable, with a second skin feel.

“An ultra-light winter collection presents refined undergarments which are equally functional in terms of performance and comfort, also in the more active versions. What better fabrics for dressing a dynamic and versatile type of femininity,” the company says.

An exclusive colour palette ranges from a highly sophisticated shade of nude to soft dusty pink, interpreted in floral patterns or plain colours in a play of transparent and lustrous effects thanks to the use of gold pigments. Shades of green and blue are offset by more urban tones borrowed from the blacks and greys of asphalt roads and buildings.

Sensitive Fabrics offer breathability, freshness, lightness and a delicate shaping effect. Suitable for manufacturing any lingerie garment, they are designed to dress and protect the body while conferring elegance and comfort.


A selection of prints adorns Sensitive Fabrics: intricate floral patterns worked tone on tone caress the body shape to create a harmonious silhouette and functional comfort. Ultra-light fabrics for refined lingerie, which fits like a second skin and supports the body in a colour palette, are played out in tones ranging from dusty pink, nude and grey to brighter shades of red.

Gold metallic pigments are combined with decorative effects for an intense and luminous mix accentuated by the Ecoprint technique, a Eurojersey-patented technology, which uses multicoloured or plain coloured pigment to produce a glittery effect.


Delicacy and an impeccable fit characterise this range of Sensitive Fabrics created for the production of elegant and sensual underwear and nightwear garments.

Nocturne. © Eurojersey

Nocturne. © Eurojersey

A sophisticated graphic work of ‘gemmed prints’, highlighted by gem-effect jewel elements, assumes nocturnal nuances; the spectrum of blues, dark greens, greys and black re-proportion the body lines and guarantee a natural shaping effect.

The facets of a more pronounced seduction are interpreted in cool contrasting colours, teamed up with glittery mélange prints recalling Lurex effects and more daring designs such as animalier and python prints.


A line of Sensitive Fabrics designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle and developed with a new take on camouflage prints, is set to become the perfect lingerie collection for sports activities or for using as outerwear.

Futurism. © Eurojersey

Futurism. © Eurojersey

Functionality and performance are the plus factors of an active lingerie collection, which valorise the figure and its movements, combined with a colour palette played out in green, from the darkest to the brightest shades, alternated with micro elements to make each garment a little work of art. “Neither is there any lack of denim look-alike fabrics offset by animalier spots on a mesh effect ground, which add up to an increasingly contemporary style,” the company adds.


Breathable Sensitive Fabrics have been created for lingerie garments, which may also be worn as outerwear and be part of a unisex project. Interwoven mélange textures and printed geometric micro patterns are teamed up with new perforated fabrics and presented in different styles and shades. From the eco-leather version to the combo of silver laminated fabrics.

Urbans. © Eurojersey

Urbans. © Eurojersey

3D-effect digital prints in shades of grey evoke urban buildings and colours to create captivating solutions. Graphic designs with an interlock effect enliven Sensitive Fabrics, resulting in a wider product offering to cater for a male target as well.

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