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26th May 2016, Milan

Eurojersey presents T-shirt with Sensitive Fabrics to celebrate 50 years of WWF Italy

Eurojersey, a leading Italian textile company, presents a T-shirt made in Sensitive Fabrics specially designed to celebrate the 50th year in Italy of the world’s leading conservation organization, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The T-shirt will be given to the staff of the Oases and the WWF volunteers working throughout Italy, who will wear it on 29 May, the Day of the Oases of WWF Italy.

Protection of Mediterranean Sea

Eurojersey is a partner of WWF Italy for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. For the 50th year in Italy of the Association, Eurojersey has decided to give the staff of the protected areas and the WWF volunteers working throughout the country a celebratory T-shirt for use in the field.

WWF Oasis - Orbetello Lagoon - Grosseto. © Michele Depraz/WWF

To underscore the benefits of resource reuse and recycling, Eurojersey used fabric waste to make the T-shirts in its patented technical materials Sensitive Fabrics. This is one of the initiatives taken by Eurojersey within the framework of the three-year partnership the company entered in June 2015.

Programmes and projects

WWF Italy operates a multiplicity of programmes and projects at national and local levels for the preservation of biodiversity throughout the Italian territory. Of these programmes, the most important is the Oases system – a splendid mosaic of environments and habitats, where animals and plants have found a safe haven. Eurojersey, with its Sensitive Fabrics, aims to contribute to its preservation.

WWF Oasis - Burano Lake - Grosseto. © Fabio Cianchi/WWF

The T-shirts will be worn by WWF staff and volunteers on 29 May, during the Day of the Oases of WWF Italy, an event dedicated to the network of protect areas, during which the Oases will be open to the public for free, so that anyone can see for themselves the day-to-day commitment to conservation by WWF Italy and the extraordinary biodiversity of the region.

Commitment to sustainability

This is a new step along the pathway pursued by Eurojersey within the framework of the SensitivEcoSystem programme, the manufacturer reports. The SensitivEcoSystem programme was launched in 2007 with the aim to identify advanced technical solutions for an eco-compatible development of Eurojersey’s Sensitive Fabrics. The aims of this programme are fully consistent with the three-year partnership entered into with WWF Italy in June 2015.

With its 100% Made-in-Italy products, the company pays attention to the environment and local resources, thanks to a vertically integrated supply chain encompassing each and every production cycle. From knitting to dyeing, finishing and printing, Eurojersey aims to control the entire production process, generating positive impacts on the local economy and the environment.

Evocative images

Precisely with a view to enhancing public awareness of conservation themes, Eurojersey has produced Together for the Mediterranean Sea monograph for its partners, which uses highly evocative images to narrate its collaboration with WWF Italy, dedicated this year to the Oases and Protected Marine Areas.  

The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), a symbol of the Mediterranean Sea. © WWF

A fascinating network of Oases, extending from the Protected Marine Area in the Gulf of Trieste, at the foot of the Miramare Promontory, to the splendid Orbetello Lagoon, the natural mosaic of Le Cesine in the Municipality of Nardò and the Torre Guaceto Reserve in the northern part of Salento, provides an invaluable opportunity to get to know some of the species that symbolise the biodiversity of the Mediterranean region, such as the loggerhead sea turtle and the bottlenose dolphin.


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