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29th January 2019, Milan

New Sensitive Fabrics collection at Première Vision

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey Chinè Prints. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey Chinè Prints. © Eurojersey

Eurojersey presents the Spring-Summer 2020 Collection of Sensitive Fabrics with a new immersive concept stand inspired by the dynamic and frenetic life of commuters in urban contexts at Première Vision from 12-14 February in Paris. The collection features multi-functional fabrics, which adapt to the body shape with the maximum comfort and an elegant fit and form to valorise outfits for him and her, the company explains.

“The newly designed booth provides the ideal container for the latest fashion trends, with its industrial decor, red brick walls and tarmac-effect floors complete with special road signs. A space for multitasking fabrics which adapt perfectly to urban commuting, without crushing or losing their shape, unmatchable for city-bike garments thanks to their reflective braid and piping to ensure greater visibility and safe cycling, without detracting from their functionality and good looks.”

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey Yarn Dyed Prints. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey Yarn Dyed Prints. © Eurojersey

The Sensitive Fabrics are transformed for a contemporary lifestyle, defined by new geometric shapes thanks to drawstrings, press studs and multi-zippers, for multi-purpose outfits. Solutions are designed for a nomadic urban lifestyle, highlighted by looks based on delavé and stone-washed effects, supported by fluid shapes and dynamic multilayering.

Focus on trends

For the SS 2020 season, Sensitive Fabrics put the accent on all the performing features essential to technical-urban outfits. Digital printing further evidences the prints and decorative motifs conferred by the remarkable reproductions of chiné or yarn-dyed effects with jacquard patterns, making this a unique and innovative collection. The introduction of the new membranes has regaled contemporary and high-tech looks with a versatile offering in both business and leisure-time versions.

Chinè prints

Striking motifs with shaded contours which remain unaltered in time, are achieved by dying the warp prior to weaving, are accurately transferred onto Sensitive Fabrics thanks to digital printing.

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey New Membranes. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey New Membranes. © Eurojersey

The resulting fabric collection is defined by streaky colours in more basic or intense shades, with vertical slubbed and streaky motifs of blurred contours and a chiné effect, which reproduces this traditional manufacturing technique.

Yarn dyed prints

“The on-going evolution in Eurojersey printing technology has artfully mingled the yarn-dyeing technique with motifs recalling jacquard patterns,” the company continues. “Digital printing, which simulates the interlacing of threads in various colours, is alternated with geometric or micro patterns typical of men’s ties, to create charming decorative effects of various types. An original pattern played out in shades borrowed from nature which may be either soft or intense.”

New membranes

Eurojersey launches its latest innovations, with the creation of new membranes resulting from the bonding of Sensitive Fabrics. A result produces waxy finishes, as well as surface coatings, which are ideal for practical and comfortable interpretations of “stylistic virtuosities”.


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