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Sensitive Fabrics presents new beachwear collection

Eurojersey looks forward to the summer of 2021 with a collection played out in innovative and modern themes.

31st July 2019

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Swimwear/​Beachwear, Collections, Colours/​Trends

Sensitive Fabrics – Preppy Florals. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics – Preppy Florals. © Eurojersey

Eurojersey, a leading manufacturer of Sensitive Fabrics, looks forward to the summer of 2021 with a collection played out in innovative and modern themes. Ideal for swimwear garments, high-performing Sensitive Fabrics are designed to guarantee 50+ SPF and breathability, as well as an elevated resistance to the negative effects caused by chlorinated water, sun creams and heat.

“Being quick to dry and endowed with 3D elasticity, shape retention and colour fastness, Sensitive Fabrics are the winning solution for quality swimwear whose perfect fit is guaranteed for beach and sports activities alike,” the company reports.

Multiple solutions and ever-evolving lifestyles are reflected in the four themes of Preppy Florals, Tropeziennes, Modernism, and Shiborian. Elegant and fashionable moods play with art and nature, poised between classical and modern looks, in contrasting shades of chiaroscuro and luminous nuances, with a nod to the energy-packed fun-filled days of summer. Digital printing enhances prints and decorative motifs of 3D depth and gives a special twist to yarn-dyed effects, to create a personality-packed collection whose spirit is timeless.

Preppy Florals

Young and fresh, this retro American style typical of Hamptons beaches is reflected on Sensitive Fabrics. Classical floral prints spring to life in a watercolour painting, to engage you in a summer dream of delicate hues. Thanks to the digital printing technique, textural-looking patterns with authentic 3D effects are played out in floral swirls interpreted in a palette of pinks and coral.

Sensitive Fabrics – Tropeziennes. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics – Tropeziennes. © Eurojersey

A perfectly defined pattern consisting of elegant and fashionable chromatic contrasts for everyday wear or for a special beach party.


Romantic and dreamy, the style of these gingham check prints takes us back to the times of Saint Tropez beach and its icon Brigitte Bardot. The constant evolution of Eurojersey printing technologies has enabled the yarn-dyed technique with digital printing, which reproduces enchanting patterns on Sensitive Fabrics. A creativity interpreted in colours borrowed from a palette of summer nuances, of varying intensity or delicacy, for a flashback to the French Riviera Lolita image.


This trend is inspired by the typical black and white floral graphic designs by Finish designer Marimekko. Fresh patterns of unmistakable Nordic appeal which coordinate perfectly to create an elegant look that is all about style.

Sensitive Fabrics – Modernism. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics – Modernism. © Eurojersey

This is a design which fuses with everyday living to accompany its wearer everywhere, in a timeless modernism that nods to the east with fluctuating prints of floral visions interpreted in pared-down yet refined strokes. A contemporary mood impressed with intensity on Sensitive Fabrics engages all five senses in rhythms that are inevitably unexpected and sometimes disharmonic.


Prints inspired by shibori, the ancient Japanese technique for decoratively dyeing fabrics dating back to the VII century, are all set to become the summer trend of 2021. This technique, whose name derives from the word shiboru, meaning to twist, wring and press, consists in tying or manipulating a fabric before dipping it into a dye bath, in order to create an abstract pattern.

Sensitive Fabrics – Shiborian. © Eurojersey

Sensitive Fabrics – Shiborian. © Eurojersey

A decorative tie and dye technique recovered and printed onto Sensitive Fabrics in traditional colours ranging from nuances of indigo to scarlet. A breath of Eastern culture recalls the preciousness of fabrics and the ideal combination of colour and emotional vibrations for interpreting a refined femininity.

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