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John Smedley launches Wool Week 2016

The Wool Week launch event will feature screening of a documentary film with Alex James and an in-store installation, as well as Q&A session.

10th October 2016

Knitting Industry
 |  Matlock, Derbyshire

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear

John Smedley, a leader in the production of fine gauge knitwear, Alex James and The Campaign for Wool have opened Wool Week 2016 at the John Smedley Jermyn Street store to celebrate the sustainability of Merino wool.

Beginning their relationship some months ago, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Alex James and The Campaign for Wool chose a John Smedley garment to be buried in the grounds of Clarence House as part of their test to sustainable fibres. Ethically sources, sustainable and bio-degradable, the garment was buried alongside a synthetic version by His Royal Highness and just four months later both were recovered by Alex.

A reveal of both garments, which proves the biodegradability of the natural Merino fibre, will be showcased at the launch of Wool Week event, via film and an in-store installation on 10 October, the company reports.

Slowing Down Fast Fashion

“Slowing Down Fast Fashion is a profoundly important film which must be watched by anyone who cares about the future of planet Earth. We are delighted it has the recognition it deserves and has won the award for Best Fashion Documentary at the recent London Fashion Film Festival,” commented Nicholas Coleridge, Chairman of The Campaign for Wool.

“Alex James builds a compelling case for sustainability, and the crucial part that wool can play in the cycle of survival, and does so in a most chilled and charming manner.”

Alongside the first in-store private launch to the media of the Slowing Down Fast Fashion Film featuring Alex James, the John Smedley store will be dedicated to sharing stories of sustainability via window campaigns showcasing the Merino wool fibre and in-store installations featuring the Clarence House biodegradable trial garments.

Making better decisions

The Wool Week launch event will also feature a live Q&A between John Smedley’s Managing Director Ian Maclean, Alex James and Orsola de Castro, founder and Director of Fashion Revolution.

“I am the father of two growing girls and as I become older, I become more aware of the legacy of pollution in all its forms that we are leaving to the generations that follow us. Fast fashion and plastic clothing form own significant part of this pollution,” commented Ian Maclean.

“We need to educate ourselves and our children about the positive effects we can derive from making better decisions – all the way from deciding what clothing we purchase, to what clothing we make. I want John Smedley’s wool garments to be both a more sustainable clothing option and a desirable item for consumers to own. This is why, I, and everyone at John Smedley, are very proud to support the aims and actions of The Campaign for Wool.”

Sustainable options

“We want people to make up their own minds and hopefully this documentary will help highlight the conversation around working conditions, fair pay and safety in the garment industry. We all love fashion and the modern mania for fast fashion is something that needs to be addressed as it affects all of our lives,” said Alex James.

“Through this documentary we wanted to give people an opportunity to see the options when it comes to choosing long lasting biodegradable clothes made from fibres such as wool and silk, which unlike man-made materials, break down quickly and don’t clog up landfill sites indefinitely.”

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